Edward Zuma – Like Malema Once Said, We Will Defend The ANC Leadership With Our Lives 


The son of our honorable President, Edward Zuma has advised opposition parties interrupting his papa’s speech at SONA events to stay away from the event in the future.

Following the disruptions Mr President got while he was addressing the nation, his son contended that the disruptive behavior displayed by some members of opposition parties was embarrassing.

“They are the same people who claimed that they respected South Africa as a constitutional democracy.

“But, …they are the first to break the rules of the Constitution. They are basing their arguments on a particular individual, and clearly, it is about them wanting to fulfill their egos and goals to the media.”

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As it happened, President Zuma’s address was excessively delayed. That happened because the Fighters (EFF) wouldn’t stop interrupting and announcing him an illegitimate President.

Eventually, the Economic Freedom Fighters were evicted from parliament. The Democratic Alliance party which also agitated against Zuma’s leadership, walked-out moments later.

Edward Zuma said the behavior of the opposition parties didn’t surprise him because he already know they were founded in hatred.

“Their behavior was not surprising at all,” he said. “There is a certain party in Parliament that is built on hooliganism. The party is built on hatred, emotions and individual hatred for Zuma.

“It is unbecoming of them. If Mr Zuma is said to have violated the Constitution… why don’t they go to the Constitutional Court and follow proper processes so that we can see that they respect the Constitution.

“Why don’t they respect the Constitution which dictates that the president has the right to convene a joint sitting of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces?” Asked Edward Zuma.

To him, it would have been better if the party walked-out peacefully without disrupting his papa.

With the above, Edward asserted that SA opposition parties aren’t truly concerned about the challenges of South Africa. To him, the parties are funded by detractors of the ANC.

“There is a certain leader of a newly formed opposition party, he and his supporters are seriously out of order and we need to take them to task…

“If they are really interested in the issues affecting this country, what kind of behavior are they displaying to the nation?

“They are showing South Africans their true colors. What are they trying to prove, because at the end of the day the State of the Nation was heard, all they wanted at the end of the day was attention.”

Afterwards, Edward Zuma dared the parties to face him on a public platform.

“I am challenging the opposition to face me on a public platform so that we can tell each other exactly what we think of each other,” he said.

Adding that the opposition parties are scared of his dad, Edward Zuma proclaimed that the ANC leadership will be defended at all cost.

“You are afraid that he will steer the country into the correct direction,” he remarked. “We will defend the ANC leadership with our lives if we have to, just like one leader of the opposition party who was once prepared to die for Zuma.”

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Commenting on the violence in parliament at the SONA event, DA upheld that the ANC has broken the Constitution and Parliament under President Zuma.

The party expressed that the mission to remove the ANC and save SA democracy is now, more urgent than ever.

“The violence and disorder witnessed this evening is the direct result of a corrupt political party clinging onto power by using fear tactics and intimidation.

“The army and riot police were deployed to bully Members and journalists, pepper spray was used in the Parliamentary chamber, and Members of Parliament were physically assaulted and removed from the chamber.

“We must now take legal action to ensure that security forces are never used in Parliament again,” DA stated.