Call For Zuma To Resign Is Cheap Politics By Desperate Parasites Like Motlanthe – Edward Zuma


Referring to comments by former SA President Kgalema Motlanthe and other politicians who used stalwart Ahmed Kathrada’s funeral on Wednesday to censure his father, Edward Zuma said desperate political parasites who gunned for his father were indulging in “cheap politics”

Writing a letter to the South African Public, particularly to his father’s detractors who spoke at struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada’s funeral on Wednesday, Edward Zuma referred to politicians in the country as parasites and the former President Motlanthe he referred to as a desperate man who failed in his leadership roles as a former secretary-general of the ANC and head of state.

Motlanthe happened to lighten the hearts of dignitaries at Kathrada’s funeral when he surprisingly re-read Kathrada’s letter to Zuma amid loud cheers from the congregation.

Delivering the eulogy at the funeral, the former president echoed Kathrada’s call for Zuma to quietly resign and added that Kathrada had redefined the very notion of being human as he opened the eyes of all South Africans to the state of the country’s politics.

He was applauded by other politicians and clergies who also seized the opportunity to criticize Zuma and his administration, citing several challenges faced by the country under Zuma’s Administration.

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The Anglican church’s Archbishop Thabo Makgoba who spoke after  Motlanthe, called on “courageous leaders” who are willing to defend the “victory” of the liberation movement, to raise their voices like the ANC struggle stalwart Ahmed Kathrada. He was followed by Gauteng Premier and deputy chairperson of the ANC in Gauteng, David Makhura who praised Kathrada and other ANC veterans who have voiced their dissatisfaction with the current ANC leader and asked them not to relent in doing so.

Reacting to these comments among many others spoken by opposition parties, Edward Zuma first lashed out against ” the use of a funeral of a freedom fighter, a liberator, and a humble son of the soil to score cheap political points”

He said the speakers at the funeral, including among others, SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande and Cosatu’s general secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali, are all parasites who wanted to use all available platforms including funerals of the departed to climb to power.

All they know to do is continuously tarnish the image of the country under the pretence that they are holier than everybody and it’s only them that have good and genuine morals as they have been portrayed by their invisible masters that once again are fed up with these parasites for not delivering Jacob Zuma’s head to them as is the mandate of their masters and handlers, Edward Zuma said.

“The call made by comrade Kgalema Motlanthe for President Jacob Zuma to step down is really a call from a desperate man – a man who failed to unite the ANC as secretary and also failed to perform as head of state‚” he said.

“They are hellbent in bringing back deadwood to our organization and go to an extent of defending such rejects, they do this at the expense of building and strengthening the ANC which is what should be their contribution to the ANC as former leaders or elders.”

Edward Zuma however, pointed out that the guns fired at his father stems from the rumoured plans to fire the finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, among many others in the cabinet.

“All of this‚ countrymen‚ stems from the fact and truth that their boy Pravin Gordhan is rumoured to be on his way out as he is defending white monopoly capital through state institutions such as PIC‚ GEPF and many more‚ thus stalling service delivery to the poor of this country,” he said

“Fellow countrymen let me put it to you that these new puppets have found a playing and climbing pad in our president as any tom dick and Harry can now speak all nonsense as they please about our president…”

He ended his words by relating his dismay at the level of factionalism in the SA politics as “the puppets” who are supposed to be spreading the message of unity and love for the nation, turn around to shoot guns that will tear the country apart.

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He said these politicians within the ANC who join in gunning for his father clearly don’t respect the branches of the ANC and its leadership by such actions and as such, they should be punished by the ANC.

“And as for the ANC all members shouldn’t be used for individuals personal interests as some have deemed it their right to enrich themselves using their positions which branches decide upon this should be done away with at all levels of our organization and Alliance.

“So comrades must cease to want to be good in public when they themselves are the most dirtiest and corrupt individuals, but comrades should work towards unifying the ANC and those that left the ANC should come back correctly through joining a branch and serving in that branch as per constitutional requisite of the ANC and not think they will be parachuted to positions because of their angriest tendencies thus thinking they are inflicting fear amongst members of the ANC it shall never happen,” concluded Edward Zuma.