EFF Students In The University Of Pretoria Raise Alarm Over Attack


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) students in the University of Pretoria have been forced to the warpath after they accused authorities of the institution of launching attacks on them.

The deputy secretary general of the EFF student command at the University told reporters that their safety in the institution had hung on the thread following incessant attacks by hired private security men.

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He also alleged that EFF students in the campus and their offices are usually monitored and trailed by unknown men who launch attacks on them in and outside their classes.

Relating his latest ordeal, Thapelo Madisha Magoromela alleged that he was brutally beaten up on Wednesday by guards at the university’s Hatfield campus while he was with his friends.

According to him, the perpetrators – including a Congolese guy – had followed him on his way to the convenient room and before he could plead with them, they descended so hard on him, shouting “F*ck You EFF”.  Magoromela said it took the effort and help of students who alerted security men to rescue him from the hands of the private security guards.

He pleaded:

“I humbly requested them to stop following me because they have been doing that for the past few months. It can’t be that I’m always followed because we are not doing anything.”

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Meanwhile, the university’s spokesperson Anna-Retha Bouwer has refuted the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) student leader’s claims. She rather alleged that Magoromela was drunk that very night and was caught in a fracas with the school’s security men outside a hall where the institution organized an event.

In addition, she requested any witnesses or anyone with information relating to the incident to contact the independent toll-free hotline at 0800 200 651; asserting hat one of the university’s priorities is to safeguard every member of the academic organization.

EFF students command in many universities are usually at the centre of many attacks. In May, EFF students at the university of Johannesburg were accused of an arson attack at the university which caused damage estimated at about R100 million. But EFF UJ students chairperson Tshireletso Mati refuted the allegations.

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