‘We Are The Only Party Suitable To Battle ANC On August 3’- EFF


In as much as many people have predicted a tough election ahead, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say the forthcoming election would be the toughest, considering the fact that it would be the only party ‘suitable’ to battle the ruling party.

Speaking on Monday at EFFs national list conference for local government election candidates in Midrand, the left-wing party leader, Julius Malema asserted that his party would be warring with the ANC in the election ring unless the electoral body defies electoral laws by rigging the elections.

“It is only us and the ANC in this election, unless the IEC enters the contest, conspiring to rig the elections. We have written to the IEC to ask for meetings,” said Malema.

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Malema also expressed worry about IEC special votes and party agents. He said, “These [special] votes are not accompanied by party agents. When they [IEC] visit those old people, party agents are not allowed. And me, as a voter, I decide if I want a certain party in my home. If I don’t want the ANC, they must not come to me.”

He revealed that he has asked IEC how special votes are monitored because every single vote is important.

“How do you ensure that a vote is not manipulated? Every vote counts. We have to have a means to monitor every vote, including the special votes. The IEC is unable to respond to that. We have asked for a meeting on that matter,” he rhetorically said.

However, the party said it has launched 3900 branches across the country and will be vying for political offices all 278 municipalities on August 3.

After the emergence of the party in 2013, it had only participated in the 2014 national election; obtaining 6% of the vote . However, it would be going into the forthcoming local government elections for the first time.

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says plans to double its support is underway even though its campaign events over the past fortnight had been a “tough contest”.

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The party also believes that political parties must be allowed to campaign freely because the maturity of democracy means the ability to tolerate one another and campaign freely.

We will recall that last week, the party was pelted with stones in KwaZulu-Natal. Also the party’s campaign in Mpumalanga left a member of the party seriously wounded after he was shot in clashes with ANC supporters.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)’s Doles Out Promises

EFF had often criticized the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) for their allegedly pro-business stances, which it claimed have sold out the black people of South Africa to capitalism as cheap labor.

Ahead of the local election, the party has promised to deal with corruption, provide quality social housing, and provide free primary healthcare and education, as well as proposing to expropriate “stolen land”.

It also promised to double welfare grants and the minimum wage, nationalize the mining and banking sectors and terminate the proposed toll system for highway.

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