East London Airport: Arriving the Eastern Cape


The East London Airport is East London’s primary airport. East London is located in Buffalo City Municipality on the southeast coast of South Africa. The city of East London is a quiet but notable town. It has gained international attention for being the go-to city for sports lovers on holiday, especially fans of rugby and cricket. Martial arts, wind surfing, boxing, motor-cross, skydiving, and golf are some of the most popular sports which can be found in East London. The city also hosts the famous annual Ironman 70.3 and the Washie – the oldest extreme ultra marathon in South Africa.

More than just sports, East London is notable for its beautiful beaches and its dynamic atmosphere. It also home to South Africa’s only river port. The weather here is mostly usually warm, but East London’s weather is notable for the absence of a completely dry season. However, winters here are generally dry. The East London Zoo, Yellow Sands Caravan Park, East London Museum and Mpongo Private Game Reserve are some of East London’s most popular attractions. The thriving economy, internationally recognized sports scene and tourism in general attracts a lot of visitors to East London. Transportation to and about East London is rather easy. The East London Airport is only one of the ways to gain access to the notable city.

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East London Airport

East London Airport The East London Airport is a domestic airport that links East London to several other South African cities. Some of which include: Durban, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. While the airport is considerably small, it is an active and bustling one. Founded in 1927, the airport also plays a vital role to the upcoming economic status of Eastern Cape. While it only has two runways, it still receives between 20 to 30 flights daily – welcoming over 500,000 visitors to East London annually, making it one of the busiest airports in South Africa.

In 1927 when the airport was founded, passenger flights were on Saturday afternoons and throughout the day on Sundays, depending on the weather. Weekday flights were booked but only through special arrangements. Eventually, a new airport was built in 1944 at Collondale. But the airport was shifted again in 1965. The new airport was named after the then minister of transport – Ben Schoeman. In 1994, the name of the airport was changed. From then on, many modifications have been made to the airport. The only recorded major accident at the East London Airport occurred on the 13th of March, 1967 when a South African Airways flight crashed into the Indian ocean killing everyone board.

Other Notable South African Airports

South African Airports The fact that South Africa attracts millions of visitors every year is part the reason South African airports are some of the busiest in Africa. Some of the most frequently used airports include O.R. Tambo International Airport, Cape Town International Airport, King Shaka International Airport and Port Elizabeth Airport. Other airports that have considerable traffic include George Airport, Bloemfontein Airport, Kimberley Airport and Upington Airport. Upington Airport is known for its unusually long runway. Because of its advantageous location, plans are being made to develop it into a dominant cargo hub in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Where To Stay In East London

East London Airport Hotel Thanks to its constant stream of visitors, you can never lack for accommodation in East London. Some of the popular hotels in East London include:

  • Blue Lagoon Hotel
  • Premier Hotel Regent
  • Garden Court East London
  • Souther Sun Hemingways
  • Road Lodge East London
  • Hotel Osner
  • Majestic Boutique Hotel
  • See More Hotel
  • Kennaway Hotel
  • Quarry Lake Inn
  • Arum House
  • 36 On Bonza Boutique Hotel

If you’re planning to hop on a plane to East London anytime soon, you have no need to worry. The East London Airport is there to welcome you and the entire city promises to show you a fun, exciting and most importantly, tranquil time. Be sure to visit the Inkwenkwezi Private Game reserve while you’re there. Have a drink at Arthur’s Restaurant and Pub. Learn to fly a helicopter with AV8 Helicopters.  Catch a game at Buccaneers Sports Pub and Grill. Take a leisurely walk along Bonza Bay Beach.  Have a meal at Café Bella. Swim at Cove Rock. Explore East London to the fullest, you deserve it. Take a leisurely walk along Bonza Bay Beach.  Have a meal at Café Bella. Swim at Cove Rock. Explore East London to the fullest, you deserve it.

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