Durban Oldest School Celebrates 150 Years In Grand Style


It was a lovely and memorable event last Friday as Durban High School old school pals, peers and classmates got re-united at a corporate breakfast at the Greyville Convention Centre, to celebrate the school’s 150 years in existence.

The all-boys public school was founded in 1866 in two rooms and with seven pupils in Smith Street. In fact, it was all-glowing and amazing scene seeing former Australia batsman Greg Blewett seated as the guest speaker.

So, having clocked 150 years and still counting, the school authorities and other organizers deemed it fit to appreciate every student and teacher, who had contributed in one way or the other in sustaining the dignity of the public school.

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While speaking, the principal of Durban High School Leon Erasmus noted that the school is the oldest in Durban and the second-oldest in KwaZulu-Natal.

Eramus also noted that the school has been fully integrated and have commanded all-round growth for the past  past 20 years. He also expressed happiness that South Africa’s future leaders will be coming from DHS.

The principal also used the medium to solicit for peace, unity and integration among pupils from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

“We have such a diverse society in our school… this lack of cohesion between people and all cultural groups is because we don’t understand one another”.

Taking pride in the achievements of the school, Eramus opined that although the school, faces problems like any other sector on South Africa, it has been living up to its expectations.

“We are right in the middle of Musgrave and we give back to the community.”

“There are boys we are feeding and, on the other side of the spectrum, we have very wealthy parents. We have a fantastic blend of cultures.”

“We are a school that is a microcosm of South Africa and we experience the same problems that the country faces, such as finance and cultural differences, and yet we have made a success of that.”

“We see ourselves as a community school and it is important to give back to our society. We know there is a problem with water in the country so we are collecting water and reaching out.”

Lots of programmes were lined up to celebrate the event, according to Eramus some include: “a cricket tournament and then we had this corporate session.

“We also had the 150th assembly where we opened up a time capsule from 50 years ago with old coins and old newspapers. The school also planned hockey day and rugby, basketball and football festivals.”

Durban High School has birthed a number of well-known South African cricketers, including Hashim Amla.

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