Durban Girls’ College Fees Vs Durban Girls’ High School Fees Which Is Higher?

Durban Girls’ College fees are higher than Durban Girls’ High School fees. The former is a reputable private boarding and day school for girls, while the latter is a public or state school. Both schools are situated in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. 

As with most private schools, Durban Girls’ College is more equipped with standard learning facilities, including boarding and sports facilities, than Durban Girls’ High School. These and more explain why parents pay more for their kids in Durban Girls’ College than in Durban Girls High School.

Is Durban Girls’ College Fees Higher Than Durban Girls’ High School Fees?

Yes, the school fees of Durban Girls’ College learners are higher than that of their counterparts in Durban Girls’ High School. Currently, there is no detailed breakdown of the different costs that make up the fee of Durban Girls High School. However, Durban Girls’ College students pay different amounts depending on the learner’s grade.

Durban Girls High School announced on its website that its school fee for 2022 is R36 700. For Durban Girls’ College, here are the current amounts learners from Grade R & 00 – 12 pay as school fees.

Durban Girls’ College Tuition Fees

Grade Annual Fee


Grade 8 to 12 R130 500
Primary School – Senior Phase
(Grade 4 to 7)
R106 500
Primary School – Junior Phase
(Grade 1 to 3)
R91 900
Grade R & 00 R65 400

The exact fees that make the amounts above for the respective grades are not available for public consumption. Parents can make payments for these fees in various ways. Take a look at the school’s terms of payment.

Terms of payment
Annual in advance
(payable by
18 January 2022)
Payable termly on or
before 1
st day of
Estimated monthly debit
(Jan to Oct)
R126 540 R 32 625 R13 600 (Grade 8,9,10,11)
R14 400 (Grade 12)
R103 300 R 26 625 R 11 000
R89 140 R 22 975 R 9 600
R63 440 R 16 350 R 6 900

Most private schools are more well-equipped than state schools. It is very common in the education system, and these two schools are no exception. Durban Girls’ College has three phases: junior primary, senior primary, and high school.

The school has a standard boarding facility that provides learners comfortable accommodation, including several lounges. The school also has modern sports facilities, buses, school nurses, a school doctor, a spacious dining area, weekly boarding plan that allows the girls to spend four nights on campus and three with their families.

Currently, learners pay R 106 500 as an annual fee for their weekly boarding, while temporary boarding (by arrangement only) costs R2 950 (per week charge) and R590 (per night charge).

These and other facts that are yet to be publicized are some of the reasons Durban Girls’ College fees are higher than Durban Girls’ High School. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, there is no available record of the breakdown of the fees of Durban Girls’ High School.

A Brief History of Durban Girls’ High School 

Durban Girls’ High School was founded in 1882 in Umlazi District, KwaZulu-Natal, and currently has more than 1200 students. Located in Glenwood, a suburb of Durban, the school takes in learners from Grade 8 to 12.

Durban Girls’ High School’s motto is Strongly, Faithfully, Happily (Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter), while its colors are blue, green, and white. The school has come a long way in the South African educational system, having produced some well-known personalities, including Miss South Africa 1958 and Miss world 1958 Penelope Coelen and South African author Sally-Ann Murray.

Durban Girls’ High School is one of the prestigious schools in the country. It has about five college houses, namely: Amethyst (purple), Citrine (yellow), Malachite (green), Kyanite (blue), and Garnet (red).

Learners also participate in a range of exciting sports activities such as soccer, basketball, hockey, majorettes, swimming, tennis, badminton, Waterpolo, netball, volleyball, and Touch Rugby.

With over 90 staff members, Durban Girls’ High School boasts state-of-the-art technology and fully equipped venues which provide outstanding teaching resources. The school also offers learners a range of diverse leadership opportunities, presenting them the chance to build their skills and put them into practice.

Durban Girls’ High School learners participate in various national and provincial competitions such as the Douglas Livingstone Short Story Competition, the SAASTA Essay, Poetry Africa, the Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition, and Debating Competition, and various English, Mathematics, and Accounting Olympiads.

The school has art studios, a consumer study room, computer rooms, drama space, music room, media center, science lecture center, Victor Daitz Mathematics Wing, and laboratories.

Durban Girls’ College Was Founded In 1877

Durban Girls’ College was established in 1877 as an independent boarding and day school for girls. Located on the Berea, the academic institution has weekly boarding facilities for its high school students.

The school’s motto is Nisi Dominus Frustra, which means Without God, all is in vain in Latin, and the college’s anthem was composed in the year 1940 by June Drummond, an old student. The anthem is All Hail the College Galleon.

Durban Girls’ College has over 800 learners in Grade 00 – 12. The color of the school is bottle green and white. The school entrenches Christian ethos within its nature, evident through its activities and traditions throughout the year, including Easter and Christmas Carol services; Christian Religious Education classes for all girls from Grades 00 to Grade 8; and devotions at weekly assemblies led by the Chaplain.

Durban Girls’ College is one of the most prestigious schools in KwaZulu-Natal province and South Africa. Besides its historically outstanding academic records, the school also offers an aftercare program for Grades 00 – 3 in the Grade 00 area on the ground floor of the school’s Trust House. Girls attending aftercare can access the play area and indoor space and are given nice snacks.

The learning institution also has a sibling allowance scheme that goes a long way to relieve parents of fees payment. How it works is that a tuition fee concession of 5% of the annual fee is given for the second daughter and 10% for each subsequent child, provided that
they attend the school concurrently.

The Durban-based school also runs an exchange program open to Grade 10 girls. The essence of the programme is to promote global awareness on various levels, including education, cultural issues, and social and community engagement. Some of the countries included in the programme are Germany, France, Namibia, the UK, the U.S, and more.

Durban Girls’ College also partners with some local schools in the country on this program. The school has a Parents Association, which provides an avenue of communication between parents, the Executive Head, the School Board, the alumni association, and dedicated staff.

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