Durban Gen Teasers December 2021: Guide to the Next Episodes

Durban Gen is a series based on life in the heart of Newlands East. This is a township located in Durban, South Africa, in which the prestigious Durban General hospital is built. The hospital is considered one of the most prized assets of KZN healthcare, which makes it the most desired place for all medical personnel, especially doctors. The story of this series surrounds the hospital, how they practice, and the day-to-day life of patients in the hospital. The series premiered in October 2020 and has aired for two seasons. Durban Gen has proven to be a thriller month after month, and the new Durban Gen teasers for December 2021 promise even more.

Recap of what Happened in Durban Gen in November 2021

The Durban Gen November series was filled with suspense and mixed emotions. It started with the Mbali now dealing with the aftermath of marrying Thabo. Mbali is still going wild from her disagreement with Lindelani while Sne snoops in on the disarray to stake her claim. MacGyver tries to reconcile with Thembu but fails.

Zandile is finally catering close to her father, whose health is failing, and reconciles with him, much to her relief. Nkabinde meets with an accident and becomes a terror due to her situation and the cast and crutches she needs for movement.

Jack supports her mum (who is shown for the first time) emotionally in dealing with the effects of losing her sister. The month ended with Thabo being aware of the carefree life of his friends despite fighting for his job with MacGyer. We shall look at the Durban Gen teasers for December to see if they finally succeed in winning the fight in the end.

Durban Gen Teasers for December 2021

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 – Episode 303

Andile challenges Thabo’s control over the interns. Zondo meets a shocker when she comes upon Dudu kissing and hugging Bongani. MacGyver is eventually thrown off the hospital premises.

Thursday, December 2, 2021 – Episode 304

Thabo is embarrassed by his colleague who is visiting the hospital. Twins dribble Phumeza while MacGyver receives his warning. The decision to heed the warning is up to him.

Friday, December 3, 2021 – Episode 305

Andile battles to get Thabo off his drinking. Thoko is about having her baby. Lindelani and Sne make out in any spot at the Durban General.

Monday, December 4, 2021 – Episode 306

Thoko and Dudu’s simultaneous birthdays come as uncertain as to its success. Sne ends up in the bathroom scratching while Thabo battles to convince Andile to perform the surgery to remove her cancer.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – Episode 307

Thabo seems to be getting closer to his dream and finally enter the OR. Dudu discovers that her pregnancy is a farce. Durban General began to deal with an STD saga.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 – Episode 308

Thabo finally submits and schedules lung surgery after his struggle with alcohol. Dudu still believes that her child is still there. Sne wants Lindelani all to herself and wouldn’t share him with any nurse.

Thursday, December 9, 2021 – Episode 309

The STD pandemic at Durban General turns out to be gonorrhea which spares no one. Dudu latches on to it while Thabo preps for his surgery.

Friday, December 10, 2021 – Episode 310

Thabo’s break from the bottle is short-lived. Dudu plans to grab Thoko’s baby and run from the hospital. Qwabe and Nkabinde were co-hosts for a sex-ed sensitization for the Durban General staff.

Monday, December 13, 2021 – Episode 311

Thabo keeps on getting drunk. Calvin gets into a pleasant surprise when he meets an old friend. Shweni outshines Sne, much to her displeasure.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 – Episode 312

Thabo guides Mbali through releasing pressure from Andile’s chest while Phumeza questions his choice, albeit quietly. Sne stands in for Nkabinde while she’s away. Calvin catches up with his long-time friend Lindiwe.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 – Episode 313

Will Lindelani be able to keep Thabo’s secret as Superintendent Qwabe hovers around? How will Calvin deal with the shocker that comes with Lindiwe finally revealing her mysterious man? Will Nurse Shweni finally have her revenge on her “enemy”?

Thursday, December 16, 2021 – Episode 314

It seems to be a love and war zone at Durban General. Thabo hits rock bottom following his constant drinking ways. Calvin is sure he has a shot at true love. She gets into a fight with Nurse Shweni over her attraction to Lindelani as Mbali battles to keep her job.

Friday, December 17, 2021 – Episode 315

Andile is still in a coma and not out of the waters yet. Who is tagged the People’s Penis, and has Calvin hooked up with his dream lady?

Monday, December 20, 2021 – Episode 316

Thabo is in a dilemma and seeks Andile’s forgiveness for his exuberance. Lindiwe finally opens up to Calvin after gaining a clean bill of health. Sne’s romance ordeals lead her into unprepared consequences.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021 – Episode 317

Thabo makes his friend’s wishes come true. She hosts everyone for drinks at the Shisanyama. Calvin starts working out to impress Lindiwe, his love interest.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021 – Episode 318

Agatha arrives in town to clean the house. Calvin finally professes his love for Lindiwe while She starts seeing her pregnancy as an opportunity for the life she has always wanted to have.

Thursday, December 23, 2021 – Episode 319

Thabo is motivated to do the right thing. Mbali sees a new target in Lindelani and daydreams about him as Lindelani finally receives the much expected “good news” from Sne. MacGyver is motivated after speaking to Calvin.

Friday, December 24, 2021 – Episode 320

Thabo finally bows to pressure starts rehab for his addiction. She finally confirms her pregnancy while Lindelani is now fully involved in things. Calvin seems motivated to get Lindiwe and won’t stand losing her.

Monday, December 27, 2021 – Episode 321

Lindiwe gets her blood test results while Calvin cares for her. She seems to have figured out this motherhood thing, but Lindelani has other plans. Mrs. Dlamini resumes at the Durban General to mixed feelings from everyone.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 – Episode 322

Calvin wakes up to see Lindiwe sad about her condition. MacGyver speaks to Sibiya to follow him to an emergency call.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 – Episode 323

Lindiwe’s ailment bothers Calvin so much as he seems to have fallen heavily for her. Agatha is bothered when she learns that a witch has been admitted as a patient as the Durban General.

Thursday, December 30, 2021 – Episode 324

Lindelani’s ever-busy sex organ seems to have finally fertilized an egg, but there remains to be seen if the egg will develop since Mbali is not the recipient.

Friday, December 31, 2021 – Episode 325

Sne’s pregnancy has started eating deep into Lindelani’s financials while it pricks Mbali more than everyone else. Is there magic in the air as Calvin gets on his knees and gets busy with a request?

Durban Gen Character Cast Members and their Characters

Durban Gen Teasers December 2021: Guide to the Next Episodes

For all that we have seen on Durban Gen and perhaps will still see, especially with these Durban Gen teasers for December 2021, these are the Durban Gen actors and actresses that made it possible.

  •         Nelisiwe Sibiya  as Dr Mbali Mthethwa
  •         Mike Ndlangamandla as Dr Lindelani Zulu
  •         Mavuso Magabane as Dr Thabo Dlamini
  •         Duduzile Ngcobo as Dr Nomalanga Qwabe
  •         Sthandwa Nzuza as Dr Zandile Mkhize
  •         Fanele Ntuli as Dr Thandekile Zondo
  •         Zimphi Biyela as Matron Nobuhle Nkabinde
  •         Bheki Mahlawe as Nurse Calvin Gumede
  •         Mxolisi”Zuluboy” Majozi as MacGyver
  •         Nombulelo Mhlongo as Nurse Sne Mtshali
  •         Tshidi Makitle as Nurse Phumeza Sibiya
  •         Sifiso Sibiya as Bab’ Milton Gumede
  •         Yola Plaatjie as Dr Nangamso Jack
  •         Thokozisa Ziqubu as Dr Lethuxolo Bhengu
  •         Mpume Mthombeni   Agatha Dlamini

Actors and Actresses who will not feature in Durban Gen December 2021

Lihle Dhlomo

Lihle Dhlomo, who played Dr. Precious Dlamini, is leaving the Durban Gen cast. Although there were no particular mentions of why she was leaving, it seems she is leaving the show for other new opportunities. Perhaps it might not be too long before we start seeing Lihle in another soapie.

Thulane Shange

Sadly, Thulane, who played the role of Doctor Mandla Ngcoba, was reportedly fired from the Durban Gen series. The young man who has been previously dismissed from the Uzalo series will also be let go by the Durban Gen brand after he had some contractual disagreements with them. The show directors decided to let him go after they failed to come to some understanding concerning his contract.

Meanwhile, Uzalo, which is another popular television series in South Africa, has returned this November with many interesting twists in the stories that form the on-screen lives of the characters, and we have got it all covered in this Uzalo teasers for December 2021.

Lerato Nxumalo

Lerato Nxumalo announced recently that she is leaving the Durban series. She played the role of Dr. Ndebezinhle Luthuli, the surgical intern on the telenovela. She admitted that she is leaving the Durban series after joining the crew of Lingashoni, another TV series. She thanked her colleagues and admitted she had lots of fun on the show but will be exploring new opportunities with her new role.

Sifiso Sibiya 

Sifiso Sibiya played the role of Bab’Gumede in the Durban Gen series and will be leaving the show as well as we learned from the latest developments. The reason for the actor leaving the show was not disclosed at the time of this writeup, but it has been announced that he will no longer be part of the Durban Gen crew. Though she will be missed, it is comforting to believe that she has gone on to better things.

Monica Thuli Zulu

Monica Thuli Zulu, who plays the role of MaCele on the show, will be leaving the Durban Gen show after the death of her character due to a heart attack. This happened after her (on-screen) husband told her that he had used up all their family savings. It is, however, not yet known the reason that prompted why her character had to be taken off in that manner, or perhaps it was part of the original script. But whatever be the case, Monica was a delight to watch while she was on the show.

Faces of the New Actor and Actresses Joining the Durban Gen Show

As it is the norm, we will see new faces on this beloved TV show, who will be joining mostly as interns. It will be a delight seeing as we keep tabs and see which one or if all of them will go on to become a regular feature on the television show.

Yola Plaatjie

Durban Gen Teasers December 2021

Yola Plaatjie will be the latest member of the Durban Gen family. She will be playing the role of Dr. Nangamso Jack, a new intern from Medunsa, also called the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU). She’s also a scholarship graduate who is renowned for not unnecessarily competing with anyone. Jack is a lively character that is sure to boost the nature of the show.

Sibonkuhle Nkosi

Durban Gen Teasers December 2021

Sibonkuhle Nkosi will play the lively and sexy paramedic, “Thembanator.” She’s another energetic character that will add spice to the show, and she’s bisexual and is not afraid to shake things up.

Thokozisa Ziqubu

Thokozisa Ziqubu will be another new cast member of the Durban Gen show. He will be playing Dr. Lethuxolo Bhengu on the show and is depicted as a character who likes putting other people down to look good. The second-year intern’s mischievous character of trying to take advantage of others to elevate himself will earn him a few enemies at the Durban General.

Tina Jaxa

Legendary actress Tina Jaxa will also be joining the Durban series as a new character known as Nomvula. Nomvula is the mother of one of the interns, Jack. She is described as a no-nonsense woman who wouldn’t hesitate to give anyone her piece of man, much unlike her daughter. Tina

When Durban Gen Airs and Where to Watch the Show

Durban Gen series first premiered on August 21, 2020, and now has two seasons after airing for more than a year. With these Durban Gen teasers for December 2021, you will do yourself a lot of disservices if you don’t get to watch the show. Durban Gen’s premiere episodes will be aired on eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 18h30. There will be a replay of daily episodes on eTV the next day at 13h30 and 11h15, respectively.

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