Dumi Masilela: Here’s How Much The Actor’s Rotating Tombstone Is Worth


Late Rhythm City actor, singer and former footballer, Dumi Masilela was laid to rest last Saturday under a state of the art tombstone.

Popular tombstone makers, Bataung Memorials have explained the inspiration behind the concept of the 3-ton‚ rotating tombstone that cost as much as R160,000.

Bataung Memorials CEO, Lebohang Khitsane told Timeslive that the tombstone was designed to capture Masilela’s multi-talented personality.


“We wanted to capture who Dumi was to his family, his friends and his fans across different platforms. So the stone was inspired by his multi-talented nature. He was an actor, singer and soccer player, of course in addition to his other life roles like being a husband, son and brother.”


Dumi’s tombstone weighing over three tons had to be delivered by a truck and was assembled with the help of a crane. The headstone rotates so one can see the different talents that followed the late actor to the grave.

Lebohang added that they had carved a stone camera which would face the rotating headstone. He said the camera symbolised the way Dumi “shared his talents with the world through the camera lens.”

“We work hard to capture the essence of the people whose tombstones we create. Dumi was an amazing young man‚ so his stone had to have meaning and be amazing‚” he said.


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Bataung Memorials shared a video of Dumi’s young widow, Simphiwe Ngema, rotating the tombstone after the funeral.

Meanwhile, the cost of the tombstone has torn social media apart. While some said the cost was “too much”, some others say the actor deserved it because he worked hard for his money.

Some critics suggested that the family would have done a lot with the money instead of wasting it on the dead.

“It’s only in the black community where they will spend a million on you when you are dead.

“When you are alive, no one has money to even fund your education. This obsession about funerals in our black community must fall. It’s just stupid debt competition,” read some of the negative comments.

Nevertheless, some were in support of the way the late actor was honoured.

“Clearly they have more don’t put yourself in people’s situations not everyone is struggling.

“It’s his money he worked hard for, he does not have kids and his wife is independent so what is happening in Masilela’s family it’s none of our business isn’t like we were going to benefit ezimalini zakhe.”

Dumi Masilela was killed on August 2 during a botched hijacking in Tembisa.