Duduzane Zuma’s Education and Qualifications

Duduzane Zuma is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He completed his primary school education in South Africa and thereafter enrolled at Pretoria Boys’ High School for his secondary education.

He also studied at the renowned Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology, where he majored in Information Technology; however, the particular year he graduated is not public knowledge.

Duduzane Zuma’s Education Includes A Degree In Information Technology

Duduzane Zuma currently holds one degree – a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, which he obtained after his graduation from the Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology.

His academic journey began in an elementary school in the country, after which he was enrolled at Pretoria Boys’ High School for further studies. Following a successful matric, he opted to study Information Technology at the Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology.

He spent four years at the university and eventually graduated with a degree in Information Technology. Not much is known about his academic journey at the prestigious institution as he has never spoken about his time there and if he made some remarkable accomplishments as a student.

Since Duduzane left the university, he hasn’t mentioned if he plans to add more degrees to his first degree. It is unknown whether he is taking or has taken academic courses privately without publicizing it.

The son of South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma has not been involved in any form of controversy or scandal due to his educational qualifications. No one has ever come out to challenge or dispute the fact that he is not a graduate or that he passed out with certificates that are not genuine, or that he is not an alumnus of the Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology.

What is Duduzane Zuma’s Profession?

Duduzane Zuma is an information technologist by profession and a businessman with numerous businesses under his belt. As an information technology expert, he occupies enviable positions in a handful of information brands, including Sahara Computers (an ICT and Communication company), where he serves as the director.

Regardless, Zuma is best known as a businessman, having worked with several brands in the country, including some establishments owned by the controversial South African-Indian Gupta family members, who are alleged to have been benefitting from the government unlawfully due to their closeness to top leaders in the country including past president Jacob Zuma.

It is unknown if Duduzane is fully practicing his course of study, but it is no news that he has been the director of the mining, energy, and natural resources company, Mabengela Investments in Klerksdorp since the year July 2008.

Since September 2008, he has served as a non-executive director of the JIC Mining Services. He is currently the director of the South African-based company Islandsite Investment 254.

Other businesses he has been linked to as a top official include Afripalm Horizons, Shiva Uranium, Westdawn investments, Gemini Moon 254, Karibu Hospitality, and Sahara Holding. He is believed to have shares in different undisclosed companies that specialize in the mining and media sector in the country.

In 2016, Duduzane stepped down from his role in one of the Gupta-owned companies (Oàkbay companies) after his relationship with the embattled family was exposed, thereby raising some dust among concerned South Africans.

Below is a list of the schools Duduzane Zuma attended

  • Pretoria Boys’ High School
  • Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology.

List of Duduzane Zuma’s businesses to which he has been linked to

  • Afripalm Horizons
  • Shiva Uranium
  • Westdawn investments
  • Gemini Moon 254
  • Karibu Hospitality
  • Sahara Holding
  • Sahara Computers
  • JIC Mining Services
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