Shops Looted, ATM Vandalized As Dube Residents Protest


Following the South African method of expressing dissatisfaction, police says Dube residents in Soweto have looted shops in the area while they carried out a protest over electricity cuts.

The protesters- Dube residents – also vandalized an ATM, a clothing store and a bakery as they rampaged through the town.

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Power has since been restored and the protesters have dispersed, but police’s Mavela Masondo says security officials are still monitoring the area to avoid further uprising.

“When they were protesting yesterday, they barricaded and blockaded the road with burning tyres. This morning it looks quiet, but we are monitoring the situation very closely.”

The same issue also erupted into protests yesterday as Vlakfontein residents took to the Golden Highway in protest.

Part of the blame for the incessant protests has been shifted to the government’s slow response to community grievances says the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

The Human Rights Commissioner Lindiwe Mokate is in support of the opinion that there is escalated tensions during community protests because the government is slow in the attempts made to address community concerns.

“It’s a very serious problem.”

To this effect, the commission is holding hearings in Braamfontein this week so as to assess the impact of protests on education.

Also, Eastern Cape Education MEC Mandla Makapula admitted to the fact that government sometimes applies unnecessary delay in providing for the people.

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“People don’t simply burn tyres first, they might have indicated through a delegation, either to the councillor or the municipality.”

A principal from Vuwani confirmed this when he told the commission that the incident which led to the destruction of 24 schools in the area happened because of the slow response of the government to the needs of the people.