Teen Shoots 2 Students Before Cop Guns Him Down In A Dramatic High School Shooting


A high school prom shooting was reported by authorities on Sunday involving an 18-year-old wielding a gun. He opened fire on students outside of Atingo High School prom in northern Wisconsin. In the process, two students sustained gunshot wounds before the young shooter was gunned down by a police officer who was in the parking lot.

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This was revealed by Eric Roller who is the chief of police in Antigo, a community of about 8 000 people about 200km north of Milwaukee.

Roller did not specify any particular motive for the high school prom shooting attack as he explained that the two students were shot as they exited the building, though he did not say if they were specifically targeted in the attack.

“Officers were in the parking lot patrolling the activities and heard the shots and an officer immediately fired upon the shooter, stopping the threat,” he said.

The shooter was later taken into custody according to Poller.

Afterwards, the two wounded students including their attacker were taken to a hospital for treatment, while investigators believe that there is no cause for alarm in the community.

Unfortunately, Langlade County Coroner Larry Shadick later told the Press that the 18-year-old attacker could not survive the shooting as he died shortly after 01:00 in the intensive care unit of a Wausau hospital.

Shadick said police should be the ones to throw more light on the case.

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Meanwhile, the identities of the students involved in shooting have not been released by the authorities. The families of the victims had been contacted.

After the whole incident, other students were escorted from the scene to safety while the victims were rushed to the hospital.

Roller ignored repeated requests for further information on the matter.