Videos: Drake And Jennifer Lopez Fuel Romance Rumours


Knowing very well that posting pictures of themselves in a warm embrace isn’t enough, a video footage has surfaced showing Drake, 30 and Jennifer Lopez, 47 stealing kisses at a party.

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Jenny was spotted dancing heartily at Drake’s personal table during the Canadian rapper’s New Year’s Eve concert at Hakkasan in Las Vegas.

She was later seen wearing his necklace which fueled the romance rumours about them. Notably, Drake has been pictured wearing the same necklace in recent photos.

The high school prom-themed party saw the couple getting closer to each other after they were crowned King and Queen. A short footage posted on social media by fan sites of the two stars shows J-Lo giving Drake a quick kiss while looking very excited.

The couple were also seen in another video dancing romantically to what sounds like a possible collaboration between the singer and rapper.

The mother of two, JLo, clad in a skin tight glittering dress, passionately kisses her new beau who couldn’t stop grinning.

A few day ago, Jennifer Lopez and Drake both posted the same picture of themselves cuddling on a couch on Instagram. And with these video, fan’s speculation of a duet or romance between the two is higher than ever!

It is believed to be their first public appearance together since they went public with their romance. Their performance on the dance floor got some fans wondering what’s going on? While some loved the idea of the two together, some others doubted the fact that they are dating.

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“This is all part of the music video their filming, right?? I refuse to believe otherwise,” said one cynic. In addition, there are rumours their romance might be a kind of publicity stunt to promote their music together.