Dr Malinga Recounts How Voting Changed His Life, You Too Can Benefit


As the country gets busy with casting their votes for change, a lot of people are reluctant to go cast their votes.

Nevertheless, musical artist Dr Malinga recounts how exercising his right to vote changed his life.

Finally, the much-anticipated municipal election is here and a lot of people are using it as an opportunity to do different things.

While some see it as a chance to pledge allegiance to their favourite political party, others see it as an avenue change their lives.

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In his opinion, Dr Malinga spoke extensively on how voting and doing his civic duties has blessed him and his family.

“At the end of the day we should be empowered by the people we vote for and that has happened in my life. Because of the people I have voted for, I have been able to get the opportunity to open my own company, my own company as a black man in the new South Africa. Through this company I have been able to hire other people,” he said proudly.

In addition, Dr Malinga urged able-bodied citizens to focus on using the resources made available by government to empower themselves. This he said is much better than waiting for a hand out from the government.

“I remember that they wanted to give me an RDP house. My mother wanted me to register for one but I told her,’ Mama, I will never apply for an RDP because I believe that I must work hard for myself’. We are not the same, some have to rely on the government but some of us don’t rely on it,” he adds

Dr Malinga declared that he is voting in his hometown of Hammanskraal today, encouraging all South Africans to do the same.

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“Voting is the only way that you can have your voice heard. It’s very important for me and all South Africans to vote. In 1994, I was too young to vote, so my first elections was to vote for President Thabo Mbeki. It’s an honour to vote and I haven’t missed a vote since then,” he says.

However, he didn’t say which candidate or party is getting his vote this time.