Would You Get A Dr. Malinga Jumpsuit For This Price?


Thinking of getting yourself a Dr Malinga jumpsuit? It will cost you nothing less that a thousand rand or even more.

The popular musical artist recently announced that he has ventured into making male jumpsuits as part of his marchandise.

The jumpsuits sell for at least R1,000 or more.

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The jumpsuits are the kind you might see workers wearing at a construction site. However, he spiced it up with a little less material around the arms and legs.

In addition, fans can also get a custom jumpsuit with their name on it for R1,200. The whole idea appears to be unique which is typical of Dr Malinga. But the problem lies with the controversial price tag on the marchandise.

Thus, the lingering question – will fans be keen to part with R1,000 and more to get their hands on a Dr Malinga jumpsuit?

While you are still pondering on that, Malinga himself concluded that the price tag suits the marchandise. Considering that he’s allegedly not making much profit from the sales. Also, he’s sure people would love the idea of owning branded jumpsuits.

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“I think the price is good. If you look at how much I am making in profit, it is not a lot. So, I think it is a fair price. I think people will like it because they see how much Dr Malinga likes jumpsuits and they will also want to own one,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Malinga is already getting orders for the jumpsuits.

“People have been asking about the jumpsuits and I inbox them the details. I then organise to send it to them,” Malinga added.

Well then, who said it will be hard to fork out that amount for a mere jumpsuit?