Dr Liana Roodt: Meet The Cape Town Doctor Offering Free Surgery To Breast Cancer Patients


Meet Dr Liana Roodt, she’s a Cape Town surgeon and have been offering free surgery to breast cancer patients in South Africa.

From our gatherings, Dr Liana Roodt, the founder of Project Flamingo dedicated her time and career to help women battling breast cancer.

After Dr Roodt noticed the long waiting period for breast cancer patients in the public sector, she founded Project Flamingo to save lives by offering free surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital.  The good deed was later extended to Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town.

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In Project Flamingo’s “About Us” page, it was affirmed that Dr Liana Roodt decided that something needed to be done about the heartbreaking, stretched out and often chaotic journey of a breast cancer patient in the public health sector.

“Not only were these women subjected to agonizingly long waiting times for surgery, they were also mostly left isolated in their struggle with a daunting diagnosis. The simple yet profoundly effective idea of “Catch-up Surgeries” and “Pamper packs” was born.

“When the AmaBele Belles Dragonboat Racing Team pledged the first donation to the project on a radio interview, it was kismet. Joining forces, the AmaBele Belles’ Project Flamingo has subsequently grown so fast that literally hundreds of women have been touched by the project since its launch in 2010.”

Essentially, AmaBele Belles’ Project Flamingo is raising funds for timely surgery for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Paying for theatre time and nursing staff, AmaBele Belles’ Project Flamingo has been able to keep up with its funded catch-up surgery lists performed at Groote Schuur Hospital and Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town.

“This is to compensate for the tremendous strain on theatre and staff resources that have led to a waiting time of up to 12 weeks for surgery in 2010.

“Thanks to Project Flamingo, the waiting time for surgery is now at 2-4 weeks at Groote Schuur and we hope to see similar results at Tygerberg soon! We have expanded this idea to patients urgently requiring surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital for colorectal cancer as well,” divulged the “About Us” page.

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BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that a panel of expert clinicians like surgeons, oncologists, pathologists and radiologists meet with about 20 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to discuss their diagnosis and treatment plan every Wednesday.

According to Project Flamingo, each surgery they sponsor cost approximately R3000 in nursing and consumable fees.

“Surgeons and anesthetists donate their time and skills to us, gratis. Every rand makes a difference and every cent will be used to make a difference in a patient’s journey with cancer,” begged Project Flamingo.