I Am Not Corrupt And I Don’t Loot – Dlamini-Zuma


Presidential hopeful Dr Dlamini-Zuma has refuted claims of being corrupt and of having criminals as political allies in her bid to win the forth-coming ANC elective conference.

In a number of tweets from her official account on Thursday, the former AU chair and ANC MP Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma boldly stated that she is not corrupt and will not loot people’s money.

She said South Africans can accuse her of many things but corruption and that the accusations that she accepted money from cigarette smugglers were not true.

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NDZ’s comment drew much criticism as many labelled her Zuma’s accomplice while some were fair enough to say that they were just not cool with her name being attached to Zuma.

Some slammed her for being quiet while the ex-husband President Jacob Zuma and his friends, the Guptas, embezzle taxpayers money.

Turning to the nation’s economy, Dr Dlamini-Zuma said she has been engaging with the private sector to come up with solutions on how to transform it.

Dr Dlamini Zuma is one of seven people gunning to lead the ANC after Zuma steps down in December but a recently published  book, The President’s Keepers, claimed that her campaign to be the next ANC president was being funded by cigarette manufacturer Adriano Mazzotti, who is said to be a self-confessed smuggler, fraudster and money launderer.

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In her tweet, the Presidential hopeful also refuted claims that her campaign manager was former ANC spokesperson, Carl Niehaus who resigned from the ruling party in 2009 after confessing to fraud.

AU former chair and ANC Presidential hopeful Dr Dlamini-Zuma refutes claims that she is corrupt and that she collected money from smugglers.