Dorcas Awinja’s Husband Sets Her On Fire Over Text Message Of His Unfaithfulness


27 year old Kenyan woman – Dorcas Awinja is nursing the wounds she sustained after her husband set her ablaze when she discovered a text message that indicates he was unfaithful.

Dorca Awinja says her husband of 10 years, Paul Alubale, set her ablaze over a discovery she made through a text message on his phone that he was cheating on her.

“His mobile phone rang twice but he did not want to answer even after I asked him to. Then a text message came and since he was drunk, I went to read it,” she stated thus, finding out that he was cheating on her with her brother’s wife.

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Dorcas Awinja said they quarreled over the matter for a while, after which he went to sleep. But when she finally joined him in the bedroom, he poured paraffin all over her and struck a match, setting her on fire.

The incident, which took place in Vihiga County in September 2015, left Awinja with 63% burns on most parts of the body including the neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, back and legs.

It was the neighbors who responded to her call for help that forced the husband to take her to the hospital.

While at the hospital, it was reported that the husband excused himself and fled on the pretext that he was going to rally around for money only to call Dorcas Awinja’s father saying that she had attempted to commit suicide.

He disappeared shortly after leaving the hospital.

However, Awinja is recovering well at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital Nakuru.

Violence against women in Africa continues in full strength without necessary legal consequences for the perpetrators. Africa is disreputably known for horrendous gender-based crimes especially the sexually connected crimes and physical abuse, irrespective of all the measures taken to stop them.

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