You Are Not Serious If You Trust Politicians, Banks And Government Says Mngxitama


Former politician and suspended EFF member, Andile Mngxitama has advised South Africans not to waste their trust on politicians banks and government saying they do not deserve people’s trust.

 The former politician who is also the leader of Black First Land First group made this statement saying “Dear blacks, if you trust politicians, banks and the government, please don’t expect me to take you seriously,”

As expected, Mngxitama’s statement did not go down well  as people, mostly his followers, took to social media to rain insults on him.

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In fact, some of his followers expressed how disappointed they are at his message, they called him a hypocrite pointing to the fact that he was a politician – which he was encouraging people not to trust.

They also noted his former relationship with the EFF as a politician and his ties with businessman Kenny Kunene and politician Gayton Mckenzie – the leader of  the Patriotic Alliance political party.

 “Andile mGUPTAma, you lost it bro” came a response from Rito Khatza Makhubele “… You are now a cow like Thamsanqua Gabuza, I remember in 2013 June, when you come to #VUT [Vaal University of Technology] with Kenny Kunene to campaign about EFF….. you spoke eloquently that people should vote EFF and you were a politician, now am bit confused to see you saying you don’t take anyone serious who trust politicians…. What about those who trust the Guptas and Gayton Mckenzie ??? Do you take them serious Andile mGUPTAma…”

In response to this, Mngxitama said: “I don’t blame you. One day you will understand the difference” between what he was and a politician.

Mngxitama has earlier declared his 100% support for the Gupta family at the time when south Africans craved for the movement of the family out of South Africa for allegedly engaging in a state capture.

He had also claimed that his movement would overthrow the current “system of power and politics” and that the EFF does not believe in ‘blacks can actually farm and feed the nation’

Meanwhile, in a much heated debate in which Mngxitama ended up threatening to block some Facebook friends, some of his friends pointed out to him that he had a bank account in one of the banks he was telling people not trust.

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Others even went on to ask him about a ponzi scheme he joined months ago called MMM; in response, Mngxitama “How you know a n***o is brainwashed? They call anything alternative to the white banking system a “pyramid schemes” (they mimic the banks who rob them everyday).”

He said these people don’t know the bank is the main pyramid scheme that steals from them everyday. We need to educate our people about how capitalism functions. this is revolutionary education. MMM started the education process.