Don’t Be Overjoyed, Nobody Is Recalling Zuma


From Nkandla to Guptas, Zuma will remain the leader of the nation. Yes, ANC members are not happy with him either, but he will not be removed. Nobody is recalling Zuma so don’t be overjoyed.

The ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) will be having an important meeting this weekend and BuzzSouthAfrica has learnt that discussions about recalling Zuma might happen at the gathering, but wouldn’t result to ousting the president.

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For according to the party’s spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, the ANC “at this stage…don’t want to pre-empt a discussion because (ANC) don’t think there’s a basis to make that pre-emption.”

Meanwhile, ANC Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe in a telephone conversation today, commented that the ANC will have to urgently deal with the issue.

“It will degenerate into a mafia state if this goes on,” he stated and added that “the fact we are talking about this so boldly now shows that things are going to change.”

Also, a former minister of health and that of public enterprises, Barbara Hogan remarked that the matter “cannot be swept under the carpet.” To her, it “is a defining moment” for the NEC, a “historical mission like never before” and the NEC “has to deal with this rot, it has to clear it out,” she stressed.

Reporting this, Sunday Times related that “while some ANC members, including ex-treasurer Mathews Phosa and Ben Turok, the former head of the party’s ethics committee, want Zuma to go, his allies dominate the committee and he has shrugged off a succession of previous scandals.”

With that, the report cited Theo Venter, a political analyst at North-West University in Potchefstroom who analogized that “Zuma still has control of the majority of the members of the NEC.”

Venter said “that’s what counts,” and predicts that president Zuma “will survive the week, but with less power than he had.”

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