Dog Attack! You Will Think Twice About Keeping A Dog After What These Three Dogs Did To Their Owner


There has been a disturbing case of dog attack where a 32-year-old woman was attacked by her own dog which eventually led to her death at her home in Pietermaritzburg on Monday.

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Reports say the dog attack which took place at about 11am left the woman bleeding out with severe bite wounds to her head‚ chest‚ leg and arms as the dogs almost tore her to pieces.

Unfortunately, the woman gave up the ghost at the scene of the attack as nothing could be done for her considering her severe injuries.

It is still not clear as to what had caused the dogs which included two Rottweilers and a Boerboel‚ to attack the woman who owns them.

It was through a neighbour who heard her screaming that a local security company got the information and arrived immediately.

On arrival‚ security personnel tried everything but could not get the dogs away from the injured woman.

Police then intervened and put two of the dogs down while the third animal ran away.

The runaway dog was later found and put down.

In a similar case, Bernard Lee Carter returned to the comfort of his home from work about 7 p.m on that faithful day only to discover his dogs standing over a woman he has shared six years of his life with Dorothy Carter. She was lying face down in an enclosed back porch, Splendora police Sgt. Mark Seals said.

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Mrs Carter was confirmed dead at the scene by Cynthia McMillan, Montgomery County Precinct 4 justice of the peace.

An autopsy report following the dog attack from the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the fears that Carter died of dog bites.

Officials however suggested earlier that she might have died as a result of a seizure before the dog attack took place.