Does Thulisile Phongolo Have A Child and Who Is Her Baby Daddy?

Thulisile Phongolo does not have a child and hence, no baby daddy. The actress and DJ was rumored to be expecting after tweeting that she was sick and feeling nauseous. Having been seen cozying up with DJ Maphorisa, it was speculated that the award-winning DJ is the father to Thulisile Phongolo’s baby but the truth is that there is no baby for now.

Is Thulisile Phongolo Pregnant?

Thulisile Phongolo is not pregnant and doesn’t have a child either. With Thuli P being one of the prettiest faces in the entertainment industry, her love life has often been a subject of discussion on social media platforms. On multiple occasions, the former Generations: The Legacy actress has been rumoured to be pregnant.

And she has always debunked the rumour, making it public that she’s not planning on having a baby any time soon. In March 2021, the elegant DJ took to Twitter to slam the rumour that she was expecting. She stated that she doesn’t know why there has been a huge fascination about her being pregnant.

Ever so often, there are pregnancy rumors surrounding her and she made it clear that she isn’t ready to have a baby anytime soon. Despite making her plans known to her followers, Thulisile Phongolo’s pregnancy rumour was resurrected on January 8th, 2022 after she tweeted that she was sick and was feeling nauseous and was suspecting food poisoning.

Shortly after, congratulatory messages flooded her timeline as many tweeps just concluded that the DJ and businesswoman was pregnant. With the actress making an exit from The Wife at the time, Twitter users quickly presumed that she was removed from the show due to her pregnancy and to give her time to sort out her personal life.

Thuli, seemingly fed up with the rumors, replied to those claiming that she was pregnant in a tweet that read, “Rumour has it that! Rumour has it this! At this point, it’s up to you guys…Believe each other wethu? Gotta go to work!”

Thulisile Phongolo’s Rumoured Baby Daddy

On October 12th, 2021, Thulisile Phongolo trended on Twitter after a video of her getting intimate with DJ Maphorisa went viral. In the video, the two were seen holding each other tightly at what seemed like a gig they had together. Thuli and the ‘Lorch’ hitmaker were also seen walking off together holding hands.

Also, in the video clip, the actress was spotted twerking on DJ Maphorisa. The two also shared pictures with the same bedroom background on social media. Afterwards, the rumour mill had it that the pair were dating. Despite Thulisile Phongolo denying the rumor in a tweet that she was not dating the music artist, and was single, Twitter users continued to romantically link her to the record producer.

Consequently, when the former Rockville actress tweeted that she was battling with food poisoning or something else that was making her nauseous, her fans instantly assumed that DJ Maphorisa is the baby daddy, having believed that the duo were still dating.

Who Is Thuli Phongolo Dating?

Despite tweeting in March 2021 that she has a special human in her life, it’s still unclear who Thulisile Phongolo is dating or has dated. On many occasions, Thulisile Phongolo has been forced to make her relationship status public as she gets fed up with her fans linking her to many romantic partners. Over the past years, she has maintained her stance that she’s single.

However, in March 2021, she made it known to her fans that she would never openly post her man or even admit to being in a relationship. Little wonder, she often denies any relationship rumour. Throughout her career, Thuli has been romantically linked to several famous men in the country.

They include the likes of Raphael Griffiths, Master KG, Duduzane Zuma, Bongani Murdah, Black Coffee, DJ Maphorisa, Mr. JazziQ, and Eric Macheru. Despite evidence pointing to Thuli P having special moments with her rumoured boyfriends, she has continued to deny the existence of the speculated relationships.

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