Does Nomzamo Mbatha Have A Boyfriend?

Nomzamo Mbatha has had a very successful stay in the South Africa movie industry and is currently breaking ground in Hollywood. Her career success keeps endearing her to the heart of so many people who now want to know the nitty-gritty of her life. Although Nomzamo Mbatha is a very private person and tries to keep her relationship life away from the media, she has been involved in a couple of relationships in the past. About a year ago, she was kind enough to let fans in on her current relationship status and what she intends to give her time and attention to.

Nomzamo Mbatha Is Currently Single And Focused On Building Her Career

2020 was a hectic year for Nomzamo Mbatha as she had to consistently shuttle between Los Angeles and South Africa to shoot the movie Coming 2 America. On 11th March 2020, she took to Twitter to tell her fans a little about her job and current relationship status on returning to Los Angeles.

In her tweet, she said she was back in Los Angeles and had so much workload. She gave thanks that she did not have a relationship to manage all the stress coming from work.

This gave fans an insight into her relationship status and left them wondering how stressful or time-consuming her previous relationship must have been because such thought can only arise from experience. Nomzamo, who is currently at the peak of her career, is focused on hitting bigger milestones and making her name a household name in South Africa and beyond.

Nomzamo Mbatha First Ever Known Relationship Was With Khaya Mthethwa

The first time we heard of Nomzamo Mbatha in a romantic relationship was with Khaya Mthethwa, the gospel singer who changed the South African Idol narrative, as he became the first black South African to win the competition. While the former love birds were together, they never got to show off their relationship as they tried to keep it really discrete. The exact time their relationship started is unknown. However, as discreet as the relationship was, the messy breakup was loud.

Things got messy for the former couple in 2015 when it came to public awareness that Khaya Mthethwa, known to be Nomzamo Mbatha bae, was also in a relationship with Jessica Nkosi, Nomzamo’s close friend and co-star on IsiBaya.

Jessica Nkosi and Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo found out about their relationship through text messages and emails between Jessica and Khaya, and that discovery created a bridge in her relationship with Jessica. Although all parties have moved on, the relationship between Jessica Nkosi and Nomzamo never remained the same.

On Khaya’s end, he claims that he has always known Jessica and his relationship with her started after he and Nomzamo had gone their separate ways. He also added that he and Nomzamo were never open about their relationship because they knew it was not leading anywhere.

Nomzamo Mbatha And Maps Maponyane Had Something Beautiful Going On

Although Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps Maponyane never confirmed that there was anything romantic going on between the both of them, their beautiful pictures and consistent tagging of each other on social media posts kept selling them off. In 2015, they both starred as lovers in the movie Tell Me Something Sweet. After the movie, they got so close and were very open about their friendship that they even called each other ‘buddy,’ making fans believe they were in a relationship in 2016.

Nomzamo Mbatha

Even though they never confirmed their relationship, they soon became one of Mzansi’s favorite couples, and many fans were rooting for their relationship. As beautiful as their alleged relationship was, it crumbled in 2018 as a result of Maps’ alleged infidelity. Reports have it that Nomzamo Mbatha had always known that he was cheating but never really had indisputable evidence.

But this time, she had good evidence to back up the cheating allegations, and it was even more hurtful because it was not the first time she was being cheated on.

Maps Maponyane Denied Cheating Allegations

Nomzamo Mbatha’s one-time perfect buddy denied any form of cheating allegations, saying that his good reputation speaks for itself. His manager, Christine Bekker, claimed that Maps is a good guy who would never do such a thing. He even went ahead to say that Maps was totally upset with the inaccurate and reputation damaging rumors and allegations flying around about him.

The fact that team Maps came out to defend his reputation regarding cheating on Nomzamo Mbatha means that there was probably some level of truth to the rumors that they were actually in a relationship because if they were not dating, then there would have been no room for any cheating allegations.

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Nomzamo Mbatha Rubbished Cheating Rumors

In the midst of all these, Nomzamo Mbatha, who is very good at keeping things really private, never saw the need to give anyone any form of explanation; rather, she rubbished the claim with a tweet. In the tweet, she called the attention of her ‘buddy’ because people were making fun of them and asked him if he was OK; he replied by laughing about it and comforting her.

No one knows if this was just an act to end the cheating rumors and allegations. They no longer tag each other on social media posts, neither have they given people the reason to think they are at loggerheads.

The Coming 2 America Star Was Rumored To Be In A Relationship With Kagiso Rabada

In 2019, a picture of Nomzamo Mbatha and Kagiso Rabada, the Highveld Lion Team cricket player, on a yacht, looking all cozy, went viral. The effortlessly beautiful Nomzamo wore a white dress that exposed one side of her hands and laps, while Kagiso wore a white button top with blue designs and white trousers.

Nomzamo Mbatha

As expected, the picture sparked rumors of them being an item or probably considering a relationship. From the picture, you would have no doubt believing that they were an item and decided to have some lovers’ time alone. But, the duo never gave fans any other reason to continue carrying around the rumor that they were lovers as they have never been spotted together at any other time, and neither of them confirmed or denied the rumor.

As of this writing, the beautiful picture can no longer be found on Nomzamo’s Instagram or Twitter handle, but thankfully it had already gone viral.

Nomzamo Mbatha’s Response In An IG Live Video In 2020 Caused a Controversy

In March 2020, Maps posted a picture of himself and some mystery woman backing the camera. This made headlines with the caption that he and Nomzamo were back together as the woman looked like Nomzamo Mbatha. Although Maps cleared the air by revealing that the lady in the picture was Naledi Radebe, his content creator, this particular move got Nomzamo upset. She felt he was intentionally trying to create confusion.

Nomzamo Mbatha

She openly served him a warning not to take advantage of her silence and her decision to be grateful and promised that she would personally let the cat out of the bag the next time he tries such. She tweeted:

“Not now. Not ever. Masego, Stop taking advantage of my silence and choice to be grateful through it all. Shake this can one more time and I’ll open it. @MapsMaponyane you made your bed. lie in it.”

On 28 April 2020, Nomzamo Mbatha went live on Instagram for a question and answer session with her fans. To her dismay, she became a trending topic on Twitter following her response to a question about heartbreak. During the IG live Q&A, a fan had asked her how to deal with heartbreak, and in response to the question, she said she didn’t know what heartbreak was and just made fun of the whole thing while laughing hysterically.

However, fans didn’t see the fun side of things, and tweeps (turned to untrained psychologists who could now read a person’s body language) started reporting the video saying she was having a meltdown due to her breakup with Maps Maponyane.

In a sarcastic response, the IsiBaya star tweeted:

“I’m so heartbroken I haven’t left my bed for eight months. I don’t even know what my name is. Can’t move. Turning down all the movies and major deals man. This is a cry for help.”

The whole back and forth with tweeps resulted in her deactivating her Twitter account, and according to Nomzamo Mbatha’s manager, Phumza Nohashe, she was bullied by social media users.

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