Does Manaka Ranaka Have a Husband and Who Is the Baby Father?

When it comes to love and relationships, Manaka Ranaka has had her fair share of heartbreak and is a single mother with three children. However, she is still determined to give love another chance, despite all of the setbacks she has had. Although she is currently unmarried and has never been married, she is in a serious relationship with the father of her third child.

Contrary to the role she plays in Generations: The Legacy, Manaka Ranaka is not a control freak and is raising her kids with a free hand. She takes responsibility for teaching them basic things about life like sex, drugs abuse, etc. The actress has been active in the entertainment industry for more than two decades and has featured in soap operas and films like Generations: The Legacy, One Way, Isidingo, Home Affairs, among others. Ranaka is also an award-winning actress.

Manaka Ranaka Does Not Have A Husband

If you have been following Manaka Ranaka’s post on social media and have observed that there is a man in her life, you may want to know if Manaka Ranaka is married. Well, to satisfy your curiosity, the answer is ‘No.’ Manaka Ranaka does not have a husband. Although she has two daughters and a son, she is a single mother – and has been for the major part of her life.

However, from the looks of things, her current relationship with the father of her last child seems very serious and may end up leading them to the altar. He is always there for the family and has a good relationship with the children. For Manaka, who has had awful experiences with baby daddies, the father of her son seems different from others.

Manaka Ranaka Is The Mother Of Three Children

As already mentioned, besides her character as Lucy, the control-obsessed mother in South African popular soapie, Generations: The Legacy, Manaka Ranaka is a mother in real life, but not a control freak. In reality, she is the type of mother who would give anything to give her children life and happiness.

The proud mother of three has experienced a lot in her journey through motherhood and is standing tall. When you see her Instagram bio reading ‘Living Legend,’ she is probably not referring to her acting career only, but her life as a mother as well.

While Pregnant With Her First Child, Manaka Was Asked To Abort The Pregnancy Or Get Fired

Manaka Ranaka’s first child is named Katlego Ranaka. When she got pregnant with her, her ability to be a good mother was tested. Manaka got pregnant with her first child just when her career as an actress was about to take off. Not long after she landed the role of Nandipha Sithole in the popular soap opera Isidingo, Manaka found out she was pregnant. When the producers of the series found out, they gave her two disheartening options to choose from.

She had to choose between aborting her child and her job. And she chose her child. In an interview, Manaka Ranaka revealed that the reason she chose her child was that she was ready to become a mother. As of the 1st of November 2020, Katlego celebrated her 20th birthday.

Manaka did not allow this career setback to stop her; she was determined to have her child and build a career – and she did. Being a single mother was not easy, but with the help of her family, especially her mother, she was able to scale through. Today, her first child has made her a grandmother, and she is so proud of her. According to Manaka, Katlego did not give her so much stress as a teenager. During an interview, she mentioned that Katlego is unsure of what she wants to be yet. However, we have noticed that she has a beautiful voice.

She Gave Birth To Her Second Child 10 Years After The First

Ten years after the birth of Katlego, she gave birth to her second child named Naledi Ranaka. With an Instagram post on the 11th of December 2021, the proud mom revealed that her second child was done with primary school. Currently, Naledi is a boarding high school in South Africa. Naledi is active on Instagram, where she shares videos and pictures of herself. On IG, she has over 10k followers. She also has a YouTube channel.

Manaka Gave Birth To Her Son In 2021

Manaka Ranaka got pregnant with her third child in 2020, and around January 2021, she gave birth. When her son turned five months old, she shared a picture of herself, his father, and the handsome boy on her Instagram handle.

Manaka Ranaka’s Children Have Different Fathers

We know that Manaka Ranaka’s last child is from her current relationship, so it may be easy to assume that her daughters are from the same father. However, that would not be the correct assertion. The truth is that all her children are fathered by different men, but unlike the father of her last child, the fathers of her girls have been deadbeat dads. She doesn’t know where Katlego’s father is, and the last time she saw Naledi’s father was ten years ago. That was around the same time Naledi was born. Manaka is not happy about the fact that her children’s fathers are not present in their lives, but she says they have learned to live with it.

Who Is Manaka Ranaka’s Third Baby Daddy?

While the identity of the fathers of Manaka’s daughters is not available, and the two girls bear the same surname as Manaka, her son’s father is present, and his identity is available. Manaka Ranaka’s third baby daddy is Ntuthuko Mdletshe. He is an entrepreneur, lyrical enthusiast, and homeopathic healer. Not so much is known about him, but Manaka seems to be so in love that his face is currently all over her Instagram handle.

Manaka Ranaka Does Not Date Men Who Do Not Have Children

In an interview, Manaka Ranaka revealed that she does not date men who do not have children. Because she wants a man who understands that she has a responsibility to her children, and only a man who also has children can relate to that. From Ntuthuko Mdletshe’s Instagram handle, we can tell that he has a child.

Before her current relationship with Mdletshe, Manaka has been in other relationships with other men and has always been open about her relationships. According to Manaka, she does not hide her relationships from her children, and she has encouraged them to do the same with her. Being a single mother and having a successful career is certainly not an easy achievement. All thanks to Manaka’s mother and siblings, who have stood by her to make sure she overcomes. There have been times when Manaka felt guilty for not being there for her children due to work, but her family covered up for her.

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