Dlamini In Prison, Now on Hunger Strike


Reports have it that Mcebo Dlamini has embarked on a hunger strike in prison to protest the bail he was denied at Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The FeesMustFall campaign leader was remanded in custody until his next appearance on November 15.

Due to his activities in the FeesMustFall protests, he’s facing charges of public violence, theft, malicious damage to property and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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Other FeesMustFall activists who visited Dlamini where he’s locked-up in a single cell at the Johannesburg Correctional Services Center disclosed that he’s been on a hunger strike since Wednesday.

One of the activists, Nkululeko Tselane told SABC that although the former Wits Student Representative Council president is on hunger strike, he encouraged students to continue the fight for “free decolonized education”.

Tselane said: “he has been on a hunger strike since Wednesday but I’m not sure what this entails. He is trying to comprehend what is going on outside as our activists are being harassed and shot at.

“Mcebo encouraged us to continue the fight for free decolonized education. He is doing lots of reading since he is in a single cell. And since he is in a single cell, he can be visited only on Fridays,” added Tselane.

However, Manelisi Wolela, the spokesperson of the Department of  Correctional Services dismissed Dlamini’s Hunger Strike report as incorrect.

“Our regional and management area leadership of the Department has dismissed these allegations as incorrect,” stated Wolela.

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Meanwhile, President Zuma again, urged protesting students to return to class while he extended his condolences to the family of Lesego Phehla –TUT student leader – who died after he was hit by a car at a FeesMustFall protest.

“…Students should not lose the 2016 academic year. They should return to class and work with government, parents and other stakeholders to find solutions.

“We are certain that working together, we can build a great future as we care about the students’ future, we care about them,” Zuma stressed.