Ex-Model Gets Sever Punishment For Peeing On A Taxi Driver


Justice has finally been served in a long-running case of an ex-model who peed on a taxi driver in January 2004.

Djavan Arrigone, a former UCT student, and a model was on Friday sentenced to 200 hours of community service at the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders, for urinating on a taxi driver Michelle Puis Nomgcana from the balcony of a Claremont nightclub in 2014.

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The 21-year-old malefactor was convicted in December in the Wynberg Magistrate Court of assault and crimen injuria for racist remarks after the incident.

In the course of his prosecution, Arrigone admitted that he relieved himself on Nomgcana but however; insisted that it was not intentional.

Yaki  Condemns Djavan Arrigone’s Attitude

Taking on the offender, Magistrate Siviwe Yaki expressed disappointment that incidents as worrying as this; are still heard of in this era of democracy.  She called for a change in attitude especially among youths in the country.

Going down memory lane, Nomgcana, recalled that he was sitting beneath the balcony on the main road waiting for passengers when he felt liquid drops falling on him. At first, he thought the rain was coming; but he was immediately alerted that a young man was urinating from the balcony.

He lamented that life has been so tough for him following the incident. He said he was avoided by his colleagues, community members, and friends and no passenger would patronize him – all because someone peed on him.

“The guys over at the taxi rank do not want me around them. I have been disgraced like a pig. My children are starving now; because I cannot generate income. This is not fair. It is, in fact, frustrating,” he told reporters.

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On the hand other, the wrongdoer is not left out. Djavan Arrigone also admitted dropping grades in school and also losing his high-paying job as a model with high-profile agency Boss.