DJ Zinhle’s Man Brendon Naidoo Roped In Fraud Case – Report


DJ Zinhle’s man Brendon Naidoo has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently following a case of fraud opened against him.

The hunky businessman, has allegedly been fattening his pocket by scamming senior citizens including retired teachers and business people.

According to a report on SundayWorld, the people who fell victim to his con has opened a case of fraud against Naidoo at Sandton police station. The case was reportedly opened on Friday.

DJ Zinhle’s man allegedly scammed his accusers of as much as R15-million. He apparently convinced them to allow him to invest their cash in forex trade to make profits. However, when it was time to withdraw the profits from the deal, he started telling stories.

One of the accusers, Rustenburg businessman Thapelo Tshepe said he transferred about R3-million into Naidoo’s bank account in 2014. He alleged that Naidoo persuaded him to do so in order to make profits.

“Naidoo approached me back in 2014 and told me we could make money with forex trading. He convinced me with bank statements and showed me how much profit he made from forex trading.

“Brendon sent me a picture of himself posing next to an Audi R8, claiming he had just bought it cash with the proceeds from forex trading. I was convinced and sent him another R1 million,” he said.

Tshepe was convinced that everything would work out fine as he saw enough evidence to convince him that the deal was real.

“I wanted them to invest their money wisely and Naidoo used to send me bank statements and proof of payments from his bank, and trading account showing the profit he made.”

Apparently, other people got embroiled in the scam as Tshepe said he recruited retired teachers for Naidoo. These senior citizens also invested the money they’ve worked for over the past 35 years.

Everything was looking fine until Tshepe wanted to withdraw his profits and Naidoo couldn’t provide the money.

This spooked Tshepe who decided to investigate on his own. Consequently, he took the bank statements that he used to receive from Naidoo to the banks and received the shocking revelation that they were fake.

Another victim, Hlaele Ntsane from Harrismith in the Free State expressed regret for going into business with Naidoo.

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“He convinced me to give him all my pensions promising me profits. I received R280000 but my R1-million investment has vanished.

“I’m depressed. My 35 years of savings are gone and he now refers us to his lawyers.”

Constable David Mothapo of Sandton police confirmed that “a case of fraud has been opened against Mr Brendon Naidoo”.

Meanwhile, as news about DJ Zinhle’s man being a fraud is making its rounds, the DJ seems unperturbed. Her recent post on Instagram shows she’s very happy with her man.

DJ Zinhle's Man

Naidoo has remained mum in the wake of these accusations.