DJ Zinhle Shares How She Manages Hurt And How She Works On Happiness


Being a female DJ in a “Boys Club” isn’t an easy thing to come by but Zinhle did it, laying off all gender issues that comes with it. In one of her recent posts on her blog, Zinhle reveled steps she took to remain focused amidst all hurts and other emotional trauma.

Zinhle said she was able to create her happiness and has built her standards based on her own terms and dictates. By such, she said she has been able to overcome hurtful words passed at her.

“I have been through a lot in my life recently and this has forced me to experience and deal with my emotions and energies on a higher level than usual. Loss, being a mom, business, friendships and love have been heightened in my life recently, pushing me from emotional pillar to post,” she wrote.

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Zinhle went further to point out lessons she was able to learn from life which she believes will be of help to those who have found themselves in similar situations. Her lesson includes

  • To take responsibility for your own happiness by becoming a full cup. This means that you have so much self love that the addition of more love to your life leaves your cup overflowing with happiness
  • Don’t get comfortable in your pain, always strive to be happy
  • Avoid relying on other people to make you happy, you may come up second best if you do
  • Be grateful for what you have now. Give thanks for all the good things in your life
  • While people, things or events may influence your life. Don;t let it impact on your inner happiness, find a way to keep on being happy.

The DJ therefore encourages people to make happiness a way of life and not let things or persons around them influence their mood

“A person’s happiness is their own doing, one cannot let things, people or events control their happiness. I do not deny that there will be challenging events in life that cause you great pain and discomfort but you need to be so in tune with your happiness rhythm that you know how to navigate through life’s challenges and maintain your happiness,” she said.

Meanwhile Zinhle is known for her flair for women empowerment. She launched Fuse Academy, an all-girl school that grooms young women to become DJs. “My message to women is: stop being lazy”she said while urging women to work hard and make money.

“Women can fight harder for the things they want. Dreaming takes guts. It must scare you. Women are so apologetic about making money. We need to get to the point where we are like, we want this big money,” she added.

Zinhle is not just a DJ, she is also an online fashion entrepreneur. She runs online accessories shop named Era By DJ Zinhle….”it’s also an era that has seen a shift in the role of the women,” she said when she was asked how she came about the name for her online business.

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