DJ Zinhle and AKA Split Twice and Have A Daughter Together – A Look Back At Their Relationship

There was a time when the love between DJ Zinhle and AKA (Kiernan Jarryd Forbes) was what every couple wanted to have in South Africa. They were beautiful together, they had the fame, and there was also the chemistry and all the ingredient that makes for couple goals and a super couple.

The two started dating after they met in a club in 2017, and from then on, they seemed as though they were going to make it to the marriage and subsequently the forever line that many celebrity couples have found impossible. With many hurdles along the way, they parted ways after years of going apart and coming back together. Although they had a daughter together, that was not enough to sustain the relationship beyond 2019.

For now, the lenses are more focused on their love life while it lasted, as well as the fact that they would continue to be in each other’s lives since they share a daughter, even as speculations continue whether the future holds anything for them together as a couple or not.

DJ Zinhle and AKA Met In A Club

DJ Zinhle and AKA
AKA and DJ Zinhle (Image Source)

DJ Zinhle and AKA were first linked to each other in 2014, although sources reveal that it was in 2012 that they started dating. According to Zhinle, whose real name is Ntombezinhle Jiyane, they first met in a club in Botswana, where the two South African entertainers went for a show. By that time, they were familiar with each other, and Zhinle was already liking AKA as a few months before then, she slipped into his DM.

The DM she sent to the rapper was because of a song of his that she listened to. She thought he was musically good and cute as a person, so she messaged him if he wanted to do a song, to which he replied for her to send a beat once she had one.

After they met in Botswana, the rapper walked up to the DJ and struck up a conversation. Everything flowed almost naturally, leading to a relationship despite the age difference between them.

Their Relationship Is Blessed With A Daughter

The many years that DJ Zinhle and AKA dated did not lead to the altar, but at least, it has something great to show; a beautiful daughter named Kairo Owethu Forbes on July 8, 2015. Kairo was born not too long after her parents started their on-and-off relationship.

Kairo may still be very young, but she is already a big name on social media. She is an Instagram influencer with more than a million followers. With both her parents still very much in her life, it is thanks to their fame that she has built her strong followership on the platform, which is managed by her grandmother, Lynn Forbes.

Zinhle has also involved her daughter in her fashion business. The two have started a stylish women’s and kiddies’ face mask line, which has been selling very fast, although it is still on pre-order. Apart from the fact that she has started earning money early in life, she has also started learning to be selfless as she has donated some face masks to a school.

While DJ Zinhle and AKA have gone their separate ways, there seem to be no concerns for their young daughter as both are still very much active in her life.

This Was Not The First Time They Would End Their Relationship

Although this time around the break up between DJ Zinhle and AKA seems to be permanent, it was not the first time. They broke up in 2015, just a couple of months after the birth of their daughter. In a statement released by the DJ, she and the rapper had parted ways, but they would still maintain their good relationship as friends and parents to their daughter. She stated that as close friends, they wished each other a great future.

That would be the last statement from them, according to her, as they were both committed to moving on with their individual lives. The rumor behind their breakup was that AKA was cheating on the DJ with Bonang. In a statement on her site, Moment By DJ Zinhle, she confirmed the rumors that there was a relationship going on between Bonang Matheba and AKA. She stated that shortly after the birth of her daughter, she found out that her man was having an affair with Bonang.

In addition to that, she said she had an honest conversation with Kiernan (AKA,) and he confirmed that there was something going on, as all the rumors had suggested. She added that at the time, Bonang and the rapper had already been dating for up to 5 months. On her part, Queen B did not come out to deny or confirm the allegations against her immediately. Instead, her people released a statement that she has forwarded the case to her legal team for appropriate action. Nothing came out of it.

How They Got Back Together After Their First Split

After the first breakup, it seemed as though the two were done for good as DJ Zinhle went on to start yet another relationship with South African handsome businessman, Brendon Naidoo, in 2016. It was clear for all to see that the two were beautiful together, and after Brendon publicly declared his love for the DJ on his Instagram in October 2016, it was thought that they could go far as a couple.

By 2017, however, the relationship suddenly came to an abrupt end. There were no much details as regards why it ended, but it was speculated to be because of the revelations that the businessman was probably a conman who allegedly defrauded business owners and retired teachers millions of Rands. Initially, DJ Zinhle gave him all the support she could muster, but before long, they quietly went their separate paths.

In 2018, DJ Zinhle and AKA seemed to have gotten over the past as they found their ways to the arms of each other again. Many who were in the know of how things ended in a messy situation between them the first time were left in a shock as AKA went as far as criticizing his mother for having a close relationship with his ex even after they were apart.

Their Relationship Ended For The Second Time In 2019

The second coming of DJ Zinhle and AKA was only to last until the second half of 2019 before the two would go their separate ways, this time around for good. The two involved kept mum on the matter, but the rumor was that they ended the relationship because DJ Zinle partied with Cassper Nyovest.

The rumor sustained for a while until the Umlilo DJ took to her Twitter to reveal that she was, in fact, the person who fixed the headline that she was dumped by AKA as a result of the latter’s rival, Cassper.

Another rumor that emerged was that they decided to end the relationship because of constant interference from family and friends. This was said to mostly be because Zinhle was older than AKA by up to 7 years and that she used it to control him. Neither of the two has come out to state anything concerning this.

DJ Zinhle and AKA Have Since Moved On To Other People

After their breakup, which was confirmed in January 2020, both the rapper and the DJ have both started dating others. AKA has since started dating Nelli Tembe, a woman who is not only much younger than him by more than 10 years, but also the first woman he would date since 2008 that is not a celebrity.

AKA is not the only one who has moved on, as DJ Zinhle has also gotten herself a new man. She is now in a relationship with South African musician and producer, Murdah Bongz, whose real name is Bongani Mohosani.

On the state of their relationship together, both DJ Zinhle and AKA have made it clear that they are happy with the way things are, and they are a happy family, even though they are not romantically involved.

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