Twar: DJ Zinhle Schools Fan Who Suggested She’s Copying Bonang


In case you are thinking of posting snide comments when DJ Zinhle posts about her ‘Mr Bond’, you better reconsider because she will definitely retaliate in a spicy manner.

DJ Zinhle recently fired back at a fan on Instagram for claiming that a snap she shared was a remix of a post by her rival Bonang Matheba.

Zinhle took to Instagram to flaunt a huge bouquet of roses that her man bought for her.

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Zinhle’s post read;

“Rose petals on the dinner table and a bunch of roses were the last things I expected when he told me we were having dinner tonight.”

While most of her fans gushed over how romantic her man can get, one follower insisted that she was copying “a certain someone” with the post.

The fan – bubblinggee commented;

“Zinhle my love let’s not be too obvious a certain someone posted similar caption 2days ago hayibo (sic).”

Seemingly, the user was making reference to Bonang’s recent post about how her boyfriend AKA has been spoiling her.

As a celebrity, Zinhle must be used to seeing snide comments from haters and ignoring them. However, she took exception to this one and didn’t waste time in schooling the fan who suggested she was competing with her baby daddy’s girlfriend.

DJ Zinhle wrote;

I didn’t know other people also walked into dinner and found rose petals and roses waiting for them if they did. Good for them. My man did something amazing, and I posted it. I love flowers, and my man knows it. Couples buy each other flowers all the time. I am sure there are a million other men who bought flowers for their women. I know that it is entertaining for you and your friends to think that I do things to compete with anyone. Unfortunately I’m too old, and I would never do that to my man. As much as you say you didn’t mean it in a malicious way, yes you did. You are not the first one, I’ve seen a lot of women who’ve never been through what I’ve been through share unkind words and think it’s okay cause I’m just a celebrity. I’m actually more than that, I’m a woman who had to pick up the pieces for her shattered life. I forgave myself and moved on. I worked on my healing and God blessed me with a beautiful man but people like you don’t think I suffered enough so you come here looking for other ways to make sure I’m in more hurt. It won’t work. I have moved on and I suggest you do too. God bless you. I hope you don’t do this to your friends. Would be so sad to have a friend who does what you just tried to do.

Her comment led to a heated debate between team Bonang and Team Zinhle with funny memes flooding the streets of Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets;

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