A Good Piece Of Advice From DJ Tira To Youths On Election Day


Musical artist DJ Tira has joined the list of celebs strongly urging South African youths to go exercise their franchise at the polls today.

Since most young people don’t listen to the government, maybe they will heed the advice coming from a renowned DJ.

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That said, he also admonished them to vote for their desired candidate without the influence of public figures. He said this in the wake of celebrities publicly declaring support for their choice political party.

The young DJ made sure to mention the importance of voting at elections. The elections provide a platform where you can actually make your voice heard.

“It’s important that young people should vote as they can get to have their say on who leads them as a municipality, or even as a country,” he said.

For DJ Tira, it doesn’t matter who your favourite celebrity has pledged support for or what party he supports. What matters is that you vote for the right person for your municipality.

“I don’t think people’s marks on the ballot should be influenced by us, as celebrities, and who we publicly support.

“Celebrities should use their platforms to encourage people to vote, but not necessarily tell them who to vote for. You, as a person, need to decide on your own, who you should be voting for,” he stressed.

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He declared that his vote will go to a party that he believes will bring the positive change his municipality needs.

“I will be voting for people who I believe will be able to take us forward and make a difference in people’s lives,” he explained.

“My main focus is progress, so it needs to be a party that I know can make things happen.”

However, he refused to divulge which political party will get his vote to lead his municipality.