DJ Tira Faces The Wrath Of Twitter For Using ‘Fake’ Accent


DJ Tira has been laid out to dry on Twitter streets by some Twitter grammar professors who didn’t find his “twang” and “fake accent” interesting.

The musician faced the wrath of Twitter professors on Monday who roasted him over his “twang” and “fake accent” when he took the hot seat with Scoop Makathini on The Cover. This has become a regular occurrence when Twitter isn’t impressed by The Cover’s weekly celeb guest.

The musician was only trying to deal with the death of his friend R. Mashesha. However, as he took the hot seat with Scoop Makathini on The Cover, he kinda incurred the wrath of Twitter town on Monday. Thus, he was not spared as they roasted him for flaunting his “twang” and “fake accent.”

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DJ Tira quickly became a hot topic on Monday night when he stepped into Scoop’s studio to reminisce on his journey to fame. Though the viewers were all caught up in Tira’s interview which had them wanting more, his “twang” and supposed fake accent was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

For the most part, Twitter users made a lot of jokes and memes over his “twang” and “fake accent”. Therefore, the DJ quickly topped Twitter trends list, which has become a weekly ritual after the show.

Jokes apart, it’s really funny watching people feign some foreign accents when they are yet to leave the shores of Africa. Agitated by this phenomenon, musician Speedy lashed out at South Africans and local celebrities who travel to the next district only to come back with a ‘fake’ American Accent. His focus was on what he tagged “wannabe celebrities” on TV speaking in an accent from a country they’ve never been to.

According to the singer, he often sees them on TV speaking with an accent. Meanwhile, they can’t even afford a ticket to Cape Town.