Will You Buy The ‘Gwara Gwara’ Cap For This Amount?


South Africa’s Dj Bongz’s signature Gwara Gwara cap has raised much controversy via social media. Not because the cap isn’t beautiful and classy, but fans say its’s price tag is exorbitant and exploitative.

The famous and award-winning artist DJ Bongz became the subject of ridicule via Twitter on Monday night after his signature caps were announced to be  going for retail price of R800.

With its high price tag, the Gwara-gwara caps which were inspired by his popular dance move now joins the list of celebrity materials sold at very high prices such as Ricky Rick’s vest sold for R700.

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At first, fans took the Bongani’s price tag on his gray cap for a joke but they came to reality when he said he’ll discount the cap to  R799.

It’s really amazing how South African artists turn to embrace the retail aspect of their art. From TV presenters to rappers now produce local products for their fans.

But looking at the economic status of the country and how people try to manage their spending, such prices will be a bit tricky. People are now less willing to spend ridiculous amounts over non-essential products.

As expected, South Africans were not quiet on this as many went on social media to air their views. Many of his fans drew inferences between Boss Zonke’s vest while some regard it as an act of disrespect by the South African artists on their fans where pricing of their merchandise is concerned.

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Here are some of the tweets showing the reaction of Tweeps at the announcement of Dj Bongs’ – who is still trending on Twitter – R800 price for his Gwara Gwara cap:

This cap will inspire the nation to work harder. This is inspiration. #GwaragwaraSeason pic.twitter.com/IpWJgn9Pnl

— iG: DeejayBongz (@Dj_Bongz) April 25, 2016

We must fight rape, varsity fees, corruption, petrol and cap prices. Is DJ Bongz a SA citizen? Very ignorant. R800 is too much for inkapisi

— FollowBackPlease! (@ThisIsColbert) April 25, 2016

These are not just caps. The are life companion caps. The material used it highly blessed and engineered to perfection #GwagwaraSeason

— iG: DeejayBongz (@Dj_Bongz) April 25, 2016

First it was Boss Zonke with a vest, now its DJ Bongs…what weed are yall smoking when pricing your shit?

— Ambivert (@Roooosta) April 26, 2016

South African musicians don’t respect us. First Riky Rick was selling his vest R750. Now this one is selling a cap for R800 ???????

— The Real Otis (@OtisMac_) April 25, 2016