DJ Black Coffee Scores More Projects With Two American Superstars


Internationally celebrated DJ Black Coffee has confirmed that there’s another big international collaboration coming his way.

DJ Black has confirmed that R&B superstar John Legend has approached him to work on a project together. This comes just weeks after his project with Drake hit the airwaves.

Apparently, the project was a success as Black Coffee said that he has been receiving massive love for his Superman remix with Drake. The hit was such a blast that John Legend had called to say he wanted to do a remix with him.

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“I’m Drake remix has been so overwhelming and I am now going to be working on a remix with John Legend,” Black Coffee revealed.

Meanwhile, John Legend is not the only mega star who has approached Black Coffee to do a project with him.

In a recent interview on Metro FM, the house music master spoke about a collaboration he would have done with US singing sensation, Usher Raymond if he had not felt that Coffee’s music was not “African enough”.

Though DJ Black Coffee loved the idea of collaborating with Usher, he refused to compromise his ideas. He said that though he did not know what “Africa” meant to the R&B artist, he knows what it means to him.

However, when he spoke to Sbu later, Black Coffee revealed that Usher had since changed his mind about the song. Thus, his management has reached out to Black Coffee to finally collaborate on a song.

“Usher’s manager actually came back to me yesterday and Usher likes the song (that I submitted to him). We will be collaborating.” Black Coffee revealed.

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Black coffee’s manager Amaru Da Costa who refused to shed more light on the upcoming projects, said the DJ has worked really hard towards the things he’s achieving now. Therefore, the recognition he’s getting now is well deserved.