In South Africa, Fewer People Are Getting Married While Divorce Is Trendy – See Statistics


Recently, Statistics South Africa published its latest data on marriage and divorce. The statistics revealed that divorce rates soared higher than before while civil marriages crumbled drastically. The data made it clear that divorce rates in the country in 2014 increased from 3.4% to 24,689, while marriages reduced 4.9% to 150,852.

Marriage experts have identified three remote causes of this ugly trend. They opined that unfaithfulness among spouses is the leading cause, followed by financial challenges and couples who live in incommunicado.

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The statistic goes further to interpret that fewer people walk down the aisle now than 10 years ago. Not only that, it reveals that female divorcées get older and their male counterpart are more likely to pick up wives as many times as they want.

Speaking, a counselling psychologist in Pietermaritzburg John Soderlund opined that the data released by Statistics South Africa appears to conform with what is globally obtained, in respect to the issue being considered.

“Globally, less people are getting married, choosing rather to cohabit, while women, who have for decades been growing less financially dependent on their husbands, are correspondingly more likely to leave their spouses if they feel they are getting a poor deal.”

Soderlund also said that financial challenges and child rearing had “long been the most common points of dispute among couples”.

Taking a look at Pew Research, which was conducted in 2014, the study revealed that 40% of South Africans still kick against divorce and maintain a moral objection to it whereas 31 per cent of people argued that there is nothing wrong with it.

South Africa’s BusinessTech recently published some facts about divorce in the country. The facts below is a summary of the data released by Statistics South Africa.


  • There were 24,689 divorces in 2014, up from the 23,885 recorded in 2013. Divorce rates have climbed since 2011, but still off from the peak of 32,484 divorces in 2005.
  • Half of all divorces in 2014 were initiated by wives across all population groups, with 51.7% of the sway. White women were the main initiators (58%) while black women were the smallest starters (44%).
  • The average age of divorce is 37 for women and 42 for men.
  • As was the case in 2012, more than half of divorces happen in marriages that were solemnized through religious ceremonies. Of all divorces in 2014, 50.7% were religious marriages.
  • Since 2008, black couples have overtaken white couples in terms of divorce numbers – in 2014, 9,167 black couples got divorces versus the 6,970 white couples. Only 3.4% of divorcees were part of a mixed-race marriage.
  • About 17% of divorces happen between couples who are not economically active. The next largest group of divorcees are professionals or semi-professionals, followed by managers and administrators. Farmers had the lowest divorce rate.
  • Both men and women choose to get divorced after 5 to 9 years of marriage (27%). 19% of divorces happen after 10 to 14 years of marriage, and 18% between 0 and 4 years of marriage.
  • 55.4% of divorcees have children – with 22,218 children in total having to see their parents part ways in 2014

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