Disregard The Apologies – South Africa Cannot Afford To Forgive Any Potential Hitler


This ought to be a straight news, and as required in professional journalism, straight news ought to be given straight. The writer’s duty is to just report the news as it is, without any infusion of his/her opinion, and trust on the reader to make the right judgement. But I’m just going to say “to hell with the professional journalism nonsense”! I’m going to say what I really think about South Africans who make statements that are inhumanely outrageous and racists only to turn around and plead for forgiveness.

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Hopefully, my editor will understand that as a journalist, I’m as well, a South African who must do whatever it takes to shut up any further stupid comment from any South African who’s thinking they can say whatever they like, and apologize later on.

I must say those apologies are meaningless, and that as a nation, our history requires us to severely punish and discriminate against anybody who’s inciting racial conflict in the country.

You’ll recall that one Velaphi Khumalo recently stated that he wants to “cleanse this country of all white people. We must act as Hitler did to the Jews,” he said. And added that he doesn’t “believe any more that there is a large number of not so racist white people. I’m starting to be sceptical even of those within our Movement the ANC.” While he ranted that he will “from today un-friend all white people he has as friends.” Read Full Story Here

To be clear, Khumalo tried to incite blacks to take on something similar to the Holocaust path which was a genocide mission that saw not less than six million Jews killed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime and its collaborators.

Now, report has it that this Khumalo dude who suggested the black South Africans use the Hitler on Jews’ method to annihilate the white citizens of South Africa, is calling on South Africans to forgive him via an email he sent to News24 addressing South Africans, the ANC and the Gauteng government. News24 quoted him as saying;

I would like to apologies [sic] to the Gauteng government for my emotional comments that I made on a public platform. I further want to apologies to the ANC for the comments I made that do not reflect the ideologies of a democratic society that are our ideals…I have seen first hand what racism and oppression of any race can do to a country and would not want my son to grow up in such a society.

It’s a good to know Khumalo doesn’t want his son to grow up in a racist and oppressing society. We must therefore, make that possible for him. We must make sure that neither his kind of post nor that of Penny Sparrow comes up again. We must together discriminate against anyone who is intent on taking sleep from our eyes by stoking the embers or war through racism.

Hopefully, my editor will publish this piece the way it is and for once ignore the principles of professional journalism that doesn’t permit me to infuse my opinion on reports like this.