It’s Not Over! EFF Will Have Another Shot At Disposing Zuma


Disposing Zuma – EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) thinks it’s unnecessary for Jacob Zuma to celebrate his victory at the Motion of No Confidence against him. It’s far from over, the Fighters will keep coming for him.

The party said it’s proud of the outcome of the motion of no confidence in Zuma. Why? Because the ruling party (ANC) has 249 Members of Parliament but received only 198 votes for Zuma to remain South Africa’s President.

“The Combined Forces of Anti-corruption received 177. From 249 to 198 is a decrease from 62% to 49%. Whatever they can say, Zuma was retained by a far less number than the one that voted him in.

“In essence, 35 people in the ANC voted against Zuma. We know without a shadow of doubt that these 35 people are the cream, tried and tested leadership of the ANC.

“This is a victory of our democracy and a demonstration that the secret ballot does work to give people a chance to defy an immoral party line,” contended the Fighters.

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Nonetheless, EFF asserted that Zuma continued reign as the leader of the country means the ANC has chosen against all moral logic to keep a criminal as South Africa’s President.

With that, EFF agitated that the country must move beyond the ANC. The party is lost to immorality, kleptocracy and gangsterism, affirmed the party.

Thereafter, the party thanked those who supported the move to remove Zuma.

“We want to thank all our fighters from across the country for coming out in numbers to demonstrate in favour of removing Zuma from office.

“We thank all South Africans, the religious formations, trade unions, student movements, and all civil society for the momentum against the corrupt Zuma regime.

“Let the historical record show that before the arrival of the EFF in Parliament, it had never happened that ANC members vote with opposition to remove its president.

“Above all, never before had a motion of no confidence in a sitting president been conducted through a secret ballot. The EFF has therefore truly restored teeth to the institution of Parliament and our democracy,” stated the party.

Another Shot At Disposing Zuma

Beyond everything, EFF is looking up to September when the Constitutional Court will hear the case about the need to impeach Zuma for breaking his oath of office.

“There is still hope in the near future of a South Africa without Zuma as President. We must never retreat because to do so, will be to surrender our country permanently to the Gupta family,” the Fighters inspired.

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