Disgusting! South Africans Are Feeding Cops Their Poo To Escape Arrest


Crazy things do happen in South Africa, no doubt. We even do anticipate crazier events most times and have, to a great extent never been disappointed as the country harbors an abundance of deranged individuals who readily ensure our expectations transpire.

Even at that, we are most times startled when we witness, read or hear about happenings that are beyond the crazy things we ever imagined to occur like South Africans shoving their shit at unwary police officers mouth in order to evade arrest.

Isn’t that the craziest so far? Who does that? It’s the most insane, idiotic, and disgusting thing officers have had to endure and it shouldn’t be tolerated, condoned or excused for any reason. How can you feed someone your excrement? That’s too disgusting to pardon, and goes to highlight the humiliation our officers have to face daily in their duty to secure South Africans.

Each day they’re tasked to protect citizens and every other day, they’ve to strive to keep their life, put up with our insults, disregard and now have to worry about being fed poo? That’s simply unfair. Some of the officers are bad and corrupt, true. But many of them are good South Africans (Like officer Laeeq Engelbrecht who shared his meal with a homeless woman). They don’t deserve to be fed poo.

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According to reports, an unidentified man in the back of a Cape Town police car shoved his feces into a police officer’s mouth and escaped. The officer was reportedly seen during the rush-hour traffic on Wednesday’s afternoon near Spin Street, opening the back door of the moving car, jumping down, spitting, gesticulating and screaming “Hy het op sy hand gekak en dit in my mond gedruk!” – He defecated on his hand and shoved it into my mouth -.

Bystanders related that while the officer, vividly disgusted kept spitting and walked to Plein Street towards the city’s police station, a man jumped down from the back door which was still open, looked around widely, and then ran off towards Adderley Street. He was pursued shortly after he escaped by another police officer.

Meanwhile news24 reported that an officer within the Cape Town central police revealed that the trend of shoving poo at officers in order to escape arrest has become a real concern discussed at management meeting as security officers in various outlets had equally complained about the behavior. “It is a very difficult situation and we said to our members that they have got to then restrict movement and make sure suspects are handcuffed from behind.” He said, and added that it’s a tactic mostly used by street drug dealers.

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