ANC House Of Commotion – Officials Flee Posts To Evade Displeased Members Wrath


Although the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) stipulated yesterday as the deadline for parties to submit their candidate lists for the forthcoming elections, disgruntled ANC members insist ANC will have to come up with a way to rectify the absence of their preferred candidate for ward Councillor on the list the party submitted.

Yesterdays’ reports narrated that disgruntled ANC members protesting about the selection of candidates for the local government elections occupied the ANC offices and held senior officials hostage.

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The police had to be invited to manage the situation.

Presently, pissed ANC members from the Barcelona, Kanana and Europe informal settlements in Gugulethu are again, protesting outside the ANC Western Cape’s Thibault Square office.

ANC officials were left with no option but to abandon their posts in order to evade the wrath of the displeased party members.

Reporting this, EWN quoted one Lindile Gcobho who demanded that ANC’s provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs must provide answers for the absence of their preferred candidate on the list the party submitted to IEC.

“The people of the ANC including Faiez is gone because when we try and speak to them, others say Faiez won’t be here. We said that as comrades, we are going to do something so that Faiez will come back and see us (sic).”

Commenting on the unrest over the ANC candidate lists, Zizi Kodwa – ANC National Spokesperson remarked that certain members of the ruling party are power hungry.

Kodwa told AM Live that some of the members think they’re the ones entitled to lead.

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“There is a growing phenomenon of people who think only they can be leaders and no one else, they go to an extent that they can march to Luthuli House and yet when you are a leader you have to accept there is a time to lead, a time to be led and a time to be a follower,” Kodwa asserted.