A New Whites-Only Settlement Currently Under Construction, Are You Aware?


A new whites-only enclave is currently under construction on a farm near the town of Willowmore, over the Western Cape border. The project is being handled by a newly-registered company Die Eden Projek.

The company says it aims to model the new settlement on the Afrikaners-only town of Orania. It disclosed that the primary reason for seeking the Afrikaner enclave in the Eastern Cape was the “massacre” of white people.

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Speaking, the project leader Jaqui Gradwell said his men have started laying out 371 plots on the Karoo farm in the Saartjie Baartman District of the Eastern Cape for the “people of the covenant”.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that Die Eden Projek’s Private Facebook Page has been soliciting for contribution towards the realization of the big project.

The company said donations for the acquisition of solar panels, roof tiles and bedding, water tanks, first aid kits and chickens would be appreciated from willing individuals.

So far, Gradwell, who is also an administrator of the page says the group has over 1 500 members. In addition, he disclosed that whites who have black friends are not accepted in the group.

Stating his reason, he said, “volksvreemd” (ie racially different people) -which includes blacks, coloureds, Indians and Muslims may cause confidentially risks to the project if accepted.

Although, a look at his description of the farm on Facebook reads that “the farm has a great amount of water but little infrastructure”, he maintains that the “garden of Eden” can house between 20 000 and 40 000 people.

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Frans Cronje, chief executive of the SA Institute for Race Relations, who also commented on the development said whites-only communities such as Orania and Eden has “no effect” on wider race relations.

Although the project is still at the early stage, reporters are yet to determine the number of people who have bought plots of land on the farm.

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