Burning Books Isn’t An Attack On White Monopoly Capital, ANC Cautions Students


South Africa’s ruling party condemns studens’ destruction of university property saying the unlawful conduct cannot be justified as an attack on white monopoly capital.

The party in a media statement on student disruption of the fee commission, frowned at the intimidation and harassment of university leaders as part of student activism around the issue of free university education.

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“The burning of books and University Infrastructure is reprehensible and has no connection to the calls for free education for the poor.

The burning of books is a symbolic act of anti-intellectualism. In the 1930s the German Student Union, a Nazi structure, ran a book-burning campaign, targeting books written by Jews, liberals and communists. It was a prelude to Fascism and the Holocaust.

Attacking university property and harassing university leaders is illegal and a crime. Unlawful conducts cannot be justified by the mistaken belief that burning books is an attack on white monopoly capital,” ANC stated.

Thereafter, the party asserted that the nation must expose all form of vandalism that seeks to hold universities to ransom in the name of decolonization.

As such, ANC called on students and staff at all universities to reject violence and to ensure the Fee Commission completes its work timeously.

“We call on university authorities to be vigilant and call on students to protest lawfully and to direct their activism through appropriate university and political structures.

The ANC is confident that a solution will be found to ensure that no young person from a poor family is denied higher education.

We urge the government to determine a solution that ensures those who can afford to pay fees do so and those who do not have the financial means are supported by state resources,” added the ruling party.

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Meanwhile, the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande calls on communities, staff and students to mobilize and protect assets at SA higher institutions.

Also, he charged crime fighters to redouble their efforts, track down, prosecute and jail the criminals working to destroy South Africa’s education infrastructure.

“…Track down this criminal minority and put an end to their barbaric behavior. There can never be a rational justification for the destruction of assets that we as a country need to empower the next generation…,” Blade lamented.