Despite Facing Four Rape Charges, An ANC Man Is Campaigning To Be A Councillor


It doesn’t matter that there are one, two, three, four! Four rape charges against this ANC dude who happens to be the party leader in the Mawiga, Mabopane, Winterveld and Ga-Rankuwa zone. He’s campaigning to be a Councillor and is on the poll list.

According to a report, “the suspect is among four candidates on the Councillors’ nomination list for this year’s municipal elections for award in the area.”

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Well, he’s still a suspect and according to the law, suspects are not guilty except when proven other wise right? Yeah, I know all that but I’m going to ask this anyway – “If we elect serial rapist as leaders, what do we expect in return?” The answer is very far from sustainable development but akin to anarchy, the full package of  lawlessness, disaster and retrogression.

Back to the gist. Police confirmed that it’s being alleged that the suspect, who cannot be named as he had not yet pleaded, committed the crimes in 2014.

As related, ANC members were unhappy when the suspect emerged  leader of the ANC branch. To them, the voting process had been rigged. Our guy however believes he has every reason to win the in-house election. He stressed that he’s a decent ANC member and is eligible to be voted into party positions, and obviously, represent the party in the up coming municipal elections.

He further related that he was only charged for rape once which was subsequently dismissed due to lack of evidence. He hinted that the criminal charges were fabricated to smear his good reputation, and as well revealed that he was held for three weeks in connection with the alleged rape of a teenager.

“I have been working with her for four years and she didn’t bring up those allegations… The court said the complainant needed proof to back up her case…I was released on a R2 000 bail. I don’t have a criminal record. I am clean,” he emphasized. And added – “people would not have voted for me if I had those charges over my head.”

Meanwhile a Constable identified as Petunia Shabangu disclosed that the rape charges include two that were filed by two women aged between 26 and 30, another that involved a minor girl. According to Shabangu, the suspect was released on bail but will be appearing before the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate’s Court on the 18th day of this month.

Commenting, Tshwane ANC spokesman Teboho Joala stated that candidates on the nomination lists for Councillors’ positions will still go through a screening process. “The branch leader in question will also undergo the same process and could be ruled out if the screening panel makes any adverse finding against him.”

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