Ramaphosa Has Never Masked His Love For Gauteng Province, This Time He Made It Lovelier


Many South Africans have no idea that Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is not only a politician clouded with passion to humbly serve the people but also a poet.

People who have been in recent gathering with him must have listened to him poetize, and that alone makes him unique.

Speaking at the provincial government economic Indaba in Johannesburg on Wednesday, Ramaphosa once again doled out enthralling lines of poetry to his bubbly audience.

The poem which came at the time he was rounding off his speech brought down the event center with loud shouts, ovation and gleeful delight.

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Deputy President Ramaphosed said he penned down the poem on his way to the venue to show how much Gauteng province means to him.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Poem

His poem reads,

“Gauteng! Gauteng! the province of my home‚ you have always occupied a special and welcoming place in my heart.

You continue to welcome everyone from far and afield.

Many have crafted their dreams around you.

You are a smallest of provinces and yet you have the biggest embrace.

Many continue to come to you and find shelter and homes‚ and comfort‚ wealth and health.”

Ramaphosa’s love for Gauteng has never been veiled. Often times, he had identified with the province and had been seen as a mascot and the province’s favoured son to take over from Zuma next year.

On several occasions, he openly said that he counts on the ANC provincial for support when the party holds its elective congress next year. And this time, he poured more praises on the province.

He said, “Gauteng is not only the economic hub of the country but it is at the centre of everything that happens in South Africa. Whether you like it or not but when you are in Gauteng just know that this province is not only special but it carries the future of this country on its shoulders.”

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa also encouraged the Gauteng government to focus more on the manufacturing sector which had the potential to grow the economy and create employment.

According to him, the manufacturing sector is practically the only sector where SA can coherently lead economic recovery and create jobs on a meaningful scale.

“There is conceivable evidence that manufacturing production almost never expands unless there is strong government input. But we must not lose focus on any other sectors. I am glad to note that the Gauteng government is determined not only to support business but to also have close partnership with business to create economic growth and create jobs especially for the youth,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Gauteng Provincial government disclosed that the Indaba aims at providing a platform for various stakeholders, amongst others, business, organised labour, academics, economists and research institutions to finalize on the draft Gauteng City Region’s (GCR) Economic Plan.

According to Premier David Makhura the province seeks to position the Economic Plan strategically, in relation to the SADC region, African continent, BRICS countries and major economies in the world which are compatible with the province’s own economy.

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