Deputy Finance Minister Confirms The Guptas Offered Him Nene’s Job


The week’s news has been centered around the relationship between the Gupta family and the South African Government. Just a few days after Mentor Vytjie’s claim of being offered ministerial job by the Gupta family which the president refuted, deputy finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas said that the politically connected Gupta family offered him the job of minister.

The report which was revealed at the weekend has it that Jonas was called to a meeting with the Guptas and offered the job two weeks before then finance minister Nhlanhla Nene was removed.

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Report also has it that President Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane was at the meeting at a Sandton hotel in November. The news further alleged that Duarte offered Jonas the position a few days later.

The deputy minister who confirmed the report said: “Members of the Gupta family offered me the position of Minister of Finance to replace then-Minister Nene,” Jonas further said that he rejected the offer because it made mockery of the the people’s trust in the government, the country’s democracy and the country’s law which autorize only the president to appoint ministers.

The Deputy Finance Minister Jonas, however, denied that Duarte approached him saying:

“Let me also place it on record that there was no discussion between the Deputy Secretary General of the ANC Ms Jessie Duarte and myself on this matter.”

Meanwhile, the MP of the ruling ANC has announced the need for the party to deal with the “arrogance” of the Gupta family once and for all.

Expressing his outrage via Twitter, Jackson Mthembu said he could not believe the “arrogance” of the Guptas. He said the ANC should deal with the Gupta family once and for all.

When someone on his page then asked how the Guptas knew about the impending vacancy in the ministry, Mthembu said, “Good question that the ANC must get answers on”.

The party spokesperson Zizi Kodwa also said that African National Congress must decisively deal with the allegations that the Gupta family has been influencing the appointment of Cabinet ministers in order to restore confidence in the party. SABC quoted Kodwa as saying

“It must act in such a manner that the message is unequivocal and this message must be visible to the blind and audible to the deaf, that it can’t be found that ANC from a point of view of principle there is a suggestion that a certain one family or this and that has captured the leadership of the ANC, (sic).

It is in that which we suggest that the ANC over this weekend must come out very clear on these allegations including those that has been confirmed that it must restore its confidence, its credibility among the South African people.”

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