If I Become President – Ramaphosa Outlines His Economic Plan For South Africa


Ahead of the ANC elective conference Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has laid bare his plans for the South Africa economy if he becomes President in 2019.

Ramaphosa was speaking on Monday evening at the ANC Johannesburg Region Economic Colloquium at the Orlando East Communal Hall where he admitted that the country was faced with the struggle for economic emancipation.

Accompanied by his wife the Presidential hopeful was warmly welcomed and was again referred to as the incoming president.

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There, he proposed a new economic deal aimed at accelerating radical transformation – to be struck between the government, business and South Africans.

He said that there must be an uncompromising rejection of corruption, patronage, cronyism and wastage.

“Poverty, unemployment and inequality continue as defining features of our society. In the face of poverty, unemployment and inequality continue to be black, Deputy President ramaphosa said, adding that when the democratic government took over from the apartheid government, it inherited a “broken economy” with “structural flaws”.

The Presidential hopeful also called for a bold step to be taken to transform the economy, adding that part of his new deal  would be to restore investor confidence and create more jobs in partnership with the private sector.

“We need to reassert the independence of institutions which support democracy, fight corruption and safeguard the welfare of our nation. We need to safeguard these institutions and not harm them.”

However, he said South Africa must first get rid of corruption and state capture by first removing those who have helped in facilitating the controversial state capture.

“No meaningful growth, transformation or development will be possible for as long as key public institutions continue to be used for the criminal benefit of a few and public resources continue to be looted.”

“A judicial commission of inquiry needs to be established without delay, and legal and criminal action will be pursued against the perpetrators. We want every rand stolen from our people returned.”

Ramaphosa also called for the establishment of a special ‘anti-corruption appropriation fund’, through which all the recovered proceeds of corruption will be channelled to youth training and employment initiatives.”

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His top priorities include job creation, economic transformation, land redistribution, and distribution of wealth among many others.

“We need to move with urgency. Yes, to provide free higher education, but on an affordable basis.”

He said his government would also improve access to quality and relevant education.