ANCWL Opens Fire On ‘White Supremacist’ DA In Fresh Battle


The African National CongressWomen’s League (ANCWL) has rapped opposition group, the Democratic Alliance (DA) over the knuckle in a fresh battle.

Lambasting the blue block in a statement, the women’s league said it’s well-known the party was founded and is being led by white supremacists, who mask themselves behind a black leader.

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According to ANCWL secretary­-general Meokgo Matuba, the opposition party’s fight and subsequent court interdictions against cabinet’s decision to pull away from ICC show that it is being sponsored and influenced by Western force.

“They use black faces as leaders of their party and their coalition­led municipalities and these leaders are instructed from somewhere in the Western Cape.

Their interest is to advance an imperialist agenda and therefore for them to support the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is influenced by Western forces, is not surprising,” the ANCWL alleged.

The League’s criticism follows DA’s decision to file an urgent application for direct access to the Constitutional Court, to challenge the constitutionality of South Africa’s withdrawal from the ICC on Monday.

Furthermore, the ANCWL called on the African Union to persuade African countries who are members of the ICC to also pull out and establish an African Criminal Court (ACC).

When established, the league said it will ensure the ACC is empowered to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity, the violation of human rights and crimes perpetrated by colonists during colonization.

Over the weekend, the EFF also slammed the ruling party over its appalling decision to withdraw from the ICC. The Fighters reminded the Zuma-led government that South Africa is not their private shop, and should not be treated as such.

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To them, cabinet’s unilateral decision to pull out from the Roman Statute of the ICC is suspicious and unforgivable.

The Democratic Alliance, on the other hand, described the move as a betrayal of South Africa’s commitment to a human-rights based foreign policy.

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