‘Democratic Alliance Party Is Worse Than The ANC’ – Julius Malema


Few days ago, Julius Malema declared his party’s agenda to dethrone the DA in Western Cape and hand lands back to the people.

I wouldn’t know if the EFF leader has kick-started his agenda to oust the DA as he vowed, but I do know of his dislike for the ANC and he just said the ANC is better than the Democratic Alliance party.

Malema visited Site C informal settlement in Khayelitsha to inspect the communal toilets and rubbish dumping sites.

There, he remarked that the lives of black South Africans is nothing to the DA and asserted that the DA is worse than the ANC.

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“The black life is cheap to the DA government, they can ill treat it…we want to say to them they are worse than the ANC.

Every 500 metres you find rubbish and porta portas, residents say the minimum collection time is a month and some days. The rubbish is next to people’s houses…next to a crèche where the children can easily come into contact with things that will make them sick.

I want to be taken to a white suburb where you will never find rubbish in front of people’s house. The black life is cheap according to the DA government, they can ill treat it.

We are challenging the Democratic Alliance party to collect this rubbish, we want to say to them they are worse than the ANC because where I come from it’s an ANC controlled ward and our rubbish is collected,” Malema charged.

Reacting, Ernerst Sonnenberg, a member for Utility Services Councillor defended the Democratic Alliance party and dismissed Juju’s outburst as “cheap electioneering.”

Sonnenberg acknowledged that “great strides need to be made to improve the living conditions of residents in informal settlements.” But then, argued that “the City has the highest level of service delivery to informal settlements in the country, and statistics back this up.”

He added that Malema is fully aware of the challenges that go with providing improved living conditions for residents, and that substantive improvement cannot be realized overnight.

With that, Sonnenberg stated that Malema visiting the area “amounts to pure opportunism, and raises questions around his role in the prevention of basic services to these communities.”

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Reporting this, IOL related that a woman didn’t let her DA T-shirt stop her from walking arm in arm with the EFF leader.

As quoted, the woman identified as Thabisa Dayimane said to Malema: “Don’t worry about this T-shirt, this is just a nightdress, I’m going to vote for the EFF…The DA gives us nothing but T-shirts and because we can’t afford nightdresses, we sleep in them.”

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