Defiant Vytjie Mentor Reveals How Zuma Knows Her Very Well


Vytjie Mentor has raised a thick dust while punching President Zuma in the face. Her heavy blows came after the presidency stated yesterday that Zuma had ‘no recollection’ of her.

Fueling the situation on ground after a holiday trip back to South Africa from Thailand, Mentor took to her Facebook wall on Wednesday and enumerated how she had worked with the president.

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In her post, she claimed that she has chaired the ANC National Parliamentary caucus. Also, that when Zuma was deputy president, “he sat next to me and spoke through me and with me in caucus each Thursday when Parliament was in session”.

He knew me right from when we arrived from exile. He met me frequently on the ground in the Northern Cape on many occasions.

And that “he is the one who introduced me to the ANC Caucus then as a new Chair of Caucus. I had a bi-monthly with him in his Tuynhuys Offices then.

“I know President Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe will never ever say they have no recollection of me,” Mentor said.

Mentor must have flared up after the Presidency said in a statement last night that Zuma “has no recollection of Ms Mentor. He is therefore unable to comment on any alleged incident in her career.”

Perhaps, you missed the beginning of the whole drama. Let me enlighten you more.

The drama actually started when Mentor claimed on social media on Tuesday, during a chat with Democratic Alliance member Johann Abrie that she was offered a ministerial job by the heavily connected Indian-South African Gupta family.

She revealed that the family proposed to give her the job, provided she was prepared to “give them” a route to India that was being operated by South Africa Airways.

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But she turned down the job. She claimed that President Zuma was in another room (at the Gupta home) in Saxonwold (Johannesburg) when the influential family made the offer.

So, following her assertions, the Guptas denied her Facebook claims and dared her to make the submission in a signed affidavit.

President Zuma on the other hand, denied knowing Mentor. This probably triggered Mentor’s anger.

Meanwhile, the defiant former ANC MP promised to further unmask a lot about the Gupta family.

“As for the Guptas. I am not done yet‚ a lot still needs to be told…”

she opined that she still stands by her assertion that the Gupta family has tried to woo South Africa’s political elite in exchange for business deals.

“I was raised on the TRUTH‚ NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!! I am standing where I am standing. I love South Africa too much. I am NOT ruffled. The truth shall be victorious at the end. The truth always win!‚” Mentor posted.

Finalizing her assertions, she bravely opined: “The scoundrels can continue to insult and bark… If anything happens to me or my family‚ you all know who to suspect. I am NOT scared thou. I know my Redeemer Lives!.

Her previous claim about Zuma was posted to Facebook on February 9. In her post, she claimed that President Zuma backed off because she refused to do certain things when she chaired ANC parliamentary caucus.

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