Debbie Schäfer: ANC Wants The Education MEC To Step Down For Incompetence


Members of the African National Congress (ANC) have called for the removal of Debbie Schäfer as Western Cape Education MEC.

The ANC, which sits as the opposition party in Western Cape insisted that the MEC must step down for having little or no knowledge about her job.

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Members of the ruling party in the DA-led province alleged that Debbie Schäfer has severally shown that she lacks competence in the job.

In a statement, the party said Schäfer’s recent remarks about the stabbing of Bishop Lavis School of Skills principal Wayne Abrahams last week was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

As the education MEC, Schäfer had told reporters during an interview that the principal was brutally attacked by two assailants and one of the attackers was out on parole.

Her statements were later denied by the police, who explained that an investigation into the case is still ongoing and that the identity of the suspect is yet to be revealed.

The police’s statement led the MEC to backtrack on her statement, leaving many people wondering how she got so misinformed about the case.

Theo Olivier, ANC Western Cape education spokesperson slammed the incompetent MEC for the embarrassment. She alleged that Schäfer shows no concern about the future of children in the closed down Uitsig school in Elsies River, schools without learner material, poor maintenance of schools among others.

Olivier added: “Premier Helen Zille’s education MEC is uncontrolled and clearly does not know what is going on in her department. This happens too often. She is always uninformed about the real problems facing her department like schools falling apart, overcrowded classes, the closing of schools, the large numbers of unplaced learners and learners not in class late into the academic year.”

The MEC, however, downplayed Olivier’s allegations and described it electioneering by the ANC. She alleged that schools in the area are overcrowded because of the impacts of ANC’s corrupt administration.

“I am very well informed about what is going on in my Department. I cannot know everything that happens every day in each of our approximately 1 450 schools…,” she said.

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Bishop Lavis School of Skills principal Wayne Abrahams was stabbed in a suspected gang-related incident.

The principal was assaulted as he was about to proceed with the disciplinary hearing of a learner who allegedly shot another 15-year-old learner in the leg at the school on March 27.