Death Penalty Won’t Return But There Are Alternatives


Late last week we reported that ANC Women’s League is lobbying to bring back the death penalty in South Africa.

The league expressed that it’s necessary to reinstate the capital punishment and combat murder crimes in the country, particularly, the senseless killing of women and children.

As reported, ANC Women’s League’s President, Bathabile Dlamini related that bringing back the death penalty is one of the issues tabled for discussion at the ANC national policy conference.

“…women are feeling aggrieved a lot, especially young women that are calling for the death sentence,” she said.

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It has now emerged that the ruling party’s peace and stability commission rejected the petition from the party’s Women League to bring back the death penalty.

Speaking at a news conference in Nasrec, Johannesburg, David Mahlobo the State Security Minister dismissed the calls for capital punishment.

Among other things, the Minister contended that South Africa needs a solid legal system if it’s ever going to consider reinstating the death penalty.

He expressed that innocent citizens might be hanged and, divulged that the peace and stability commission came up with an alternative for the death penalty.

It was agreed that heavier penalties be handed to those found guilty of heinous crimes.

In addition to that, the commission offered the country start implementing international agreements that will enable it to repatriate some of the 6,440 foreigners who are prisoners in South Africa’s overcrowded jails. Nonetheless, those guilty of serious and odious crimes will not be repatriated.

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More so, it was proposed that the country’s  immigration policy be revised to such that will ensure stricter border control.

“We need a reliable database to know who is in the country,” remarked the Minister.

That’s not all, the Minister said it was further proposed that parole system be revised, that military veterans be used to provide private security services, and a separate department of military veterans established by 2018.